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Hi everyone, im in the 1st trimester of pregnancy and was wondering what fish i can eat and what fish i cant? I think i read somewhere that salmon is safe ?

I didn't know there was certain types of fish you can't have during pregnancy!?!?

Fish is meant to be one of the best foods to eat while pregnant as it helps make baby smarter!!
As far as i know, all fish is safe to eat when pregnant, but what they tell u to avoid, is the shell fish, as theres a small chance bubs could have an allergic reaction or something??
(same with peanuts and stuff like that)
And not to eat the fish raw (as raw meat can cause food poisoning).

sorry i cant be more help to you than that, but yeah, there shouldnt be any reason to avoid eating fish smile

best of luck!!

Raych xxo

I think fish is generally safe and good for bubs just be careful about eating big fish-fish like sharks that eat lots of little fish.They have more mercury which is not good for you.I think you're only supposed to eat it once a fortnight.

I think it's mostly canned Tuna that's the problem, but i've had it lots during my pregnancy >.< It's just not good to eat every day or something because of the high mercury. Not too sure on other canned fish..

A big no is smoked fish or just smoked food in general. It slows oxygen flow in the blood and is very bad for baby.

Good luck! =)
Hi there... there is a really good website that is worth a look that will help you.

The general rule is: "...Pregnant women, women planning pregnancy and young children should limit their intake of shark (flake), broadbill, marlin and swordfish to no more than one serve per fortnight with no other fish to be consumed during that fortnight. For orange roughy (also sold as sea perch) and catfish, the advice is to consume no more than one serve per week, with no other fish being consumed during that week... "

Fish in moderation (2-3 times per week) is of course good for you, but it's the type of fish and inparticular the mercury levels that is the concern. Too much mercury can cause problems for you & bub, so just be conscience of how much & what you are eating.

Hope this helps.

thanks ladies, your info is very helpful.
Hi there, I am 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I only found out last week for definite. I had a works function and ate prawns and squid (as well as alcohol as I didn't know I was pregnant) and then and for a couple of lunches I had sushi with raw salmon and chicken. I saw my GP on Thursday and I told her my concerns about what I had ate and drank as a pregnancy test had previously said negative! She said that as I am early on in the pregnancy that I should be ok as I didn't drink a lot and with the sushi she said that as long as I hadn't shown signs of food poisoning then everything is fine and that most places use fresh if not frozen fresh fish. I think I had a little panic as I so want this baby and I don't want anything to have affected it's early life! With my DD I had a good pregnancy and was very relaxed and just made sure I ate fresh fruit and veggies and made sure that any left overs were heated very hot! I remember an old lady saying to me "young mums worry too much about what they can and can't eat, and the worst thing you can do in this day and age is breathe in and out" - she was meaning that the air we breathe is worse for us now that the food we eat - so I thought well she's right and I'm sure as hell not stopping breathing!!!

Anyway just wanted to share this with everyone. Fish is good for you anyway so just be mindful of the ones that are high in mercury.

Take care, Deesdale
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