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How soon can you get back to exercise? Lock Rss

Hi All,

I'm 24weeks pregnant with my first bub, and the bigger I'm getting the more I'm thinking of losing all this excess weight once bubs is born.

I was just wondering for other people, how soon were you able to get back to exercising. I'm pretty sure I've heard you can start walking as soon as you're comfortable enough, but what about more intense exercise, like going back to the gym etc? or would it depend on how you fare after the birth?

Sorry to be a dummy, but not having any friends who've gone through this I'm just sort of wanting to know what to predict...
Hey there...

Ive been going to the gym every 2nd -3rd day since about 18 weeks... depending on how you feel some light exerscie will do you wonders.... ( im not a fitness freak and can slack off at times*smiles*) But have found it great. I spoke to the ladies at the gym and they showed me all the do's and dont's... it might not feel like your doing anything but it all helps..... after you've had the baby and you get back into your routine it wont be such a shock to your body, so it should help you getting that little bit getting back into shape quicker......( that's the theory anyway *smiles*)

and also will help you through labour.... i wish someone had told me to do some light exersice with my fisrt......

just dont push yourself.. you know your body.... it's already working over time making your beautiful baby!

Thanks for that. I am exercising at the moment, but I meant once bubs was born. Sorry my baby brain didn't make my question very clear, oops!! lol

How soon can you return to your normal gym routine?
hahahah yeah i get that all the time....

I think getting back into it is up to you and how your feeling.....

It really depends how you are recovering ie after a caesarean you obviously won't be running anytime soon. I had a vb with no stitches and was doing regular power walking only a few days after DS birth, however invest in a REALLY GOOD sports bra as BF boobs are REALLY heavy. I was back at the gym doing pump, cardio etc when bub was 10 months but could have done it sooner, just wanted him to be a bit older before he went in the creche. I hope this helps! Good luck with your pg, don't stress about the weight, they say 9 months to gain and 9 months to lose.
You don't want to go to hard to soon after you have the baby, just take it easy to start with and slowly build it up. I think they say it takes about 6 months for the hormones that make all your ligament relax for the birth to stop having such an effect so you've got to be a bit careful of rolling ankles and the like. Having said that I played netball with a girl 4 weeks after her baby was born and she didn't seem to have to much problem with lax ligaments.
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