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torn stomach muscles?? Lock Rss


Just wondering if any1 has had torn stomach muscle from pregnancy and what can be done to fix them after pregnancy

any thoughts would be helpful




I had to wear two different types of support belts while I was pregnant to help with my torn muscles and also because my endo problems made me have a lot of uncomfortable bh. Ask your mw or ob to be referred to see a phsyio who will give you exercises and hopefully support belt/s.

After ds was born I was told to wear my support belt band for the first few weeks and then once the pain was gone to start doing sit ups 50 a day while pressing firmly on the muscles to stop them from separating.

Be careful with bending and straining as it prolongs healing.

Hope that helps smile


I had torn tummy muscles too with my daugther, they gave me a sheet of exercises to do at home after the birth, I never did them as I didn't have time. I am now due again in 9 weeks and my Mid wife said that my tummy muscles are quite good now but i guess they will tear again. It has been 4 years since my last pregnancy so it has taken a while for them to rejoin? I was also told that situps were the best thing to do.


if it is not too big, firm control underpants are suppose to help
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