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Foot spas???? Lock Rss

I received a foot spa for mother's day and Iopened it up and read the instructions it says to speak to your dr before using in pregnancy, Does anyone know why? My fiance asked our chemist about it and they said they could see no reason why you couldn't use it. Any suggestions??


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Hi Mandy,
I am not 100% sure of this but I am thinking that it might have something to do with circulation as your body is producing more blood while you are pregnant. I have noticed on the instruction's that people with heart condition's may also not use them because of poor circulation. But I will ask one of the nurses at work for you tommorow to be sure.
Hope this help's for now

StaceyW.A Cody(Son)10/7/03Jordyn(Daughter)25/11/04

it might also warm you up too much???

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I have heard that people who have swelling of the feet and legs should avoid foot spas. It does seem odd however not to be able to use it if you are healthy and have an uncomplicated pregnancy. If in doubt maybe you should ask your doctor.

For what it is worth I have a foot spa and I love to use it after a long day... and I am 29 weeks pregnant! So make up your own mind. I think a lot of companies have to put those warnings in just to protect themselves from any blame or law suits should something strange happen.

Enjoy your mother's day present. smile

Hi Mandy,

I was at my midwife appointment yesterday, and your post came up in conversation..... i too was using a foot spa until i read your post... I thought OOOHHHH i better go and check....
My midwife said it is most likely just to dave their buts in case something does happen..........
The only problem she would see with it is that it will make the feet softer.... there for with the next swelling it would most likely be more.............
DID THAT MAKE SENSE???? smilesmile
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