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  5. wat did u crave whilst being preg or wat r u craving

wat did u crave whilst being preg or wat r u craving Lock Rss

i craved hot chips and coke

mmmm sleep...... and coke!!! lol. i love caffiene at the moment and chips and stuff like maccas and Kfc. terrible i know!!!!

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

Strawberries or anything strawberry flavoured...milkshakes, cheesecake, jam etc

while i was going through my morning sickness it was KFC chips and now its watermelon! cant get enough of it.

with #1 oranges, listerine, toothpaste and the smell of washing powder. Couldn't get enough of it!!
#2 wine and coke, listerine, toothpaste and the smell of washing powder again. Really bad... I know!!
#3 cheesecake and just about any type of food I could get my hands on and light beer!! and the toothpaste and stuff!
#4 seafood, salad, fruit and in the last 2 months I've started craving the toothpaste and smell of washing powder again!!
I know I'm a weirdo!!

boys, boys, boys

with #1 yogurt,milk, tuna an really anything savory o an crunching ice.
with this pregnancy im craving more fruity things exspecally mangos but also alot of chicken and scitznbub bout the toothpast thing wen i was preg with my 1st i had to brush my toungue lol had massive cravings to do that just liked the feel of it.


with my first pregnancy i craved alot of cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches, this time it's coke and normally i never drink soft drinks..

hey i craved in the first trimester - garlic bread, strawberries, macdondald cheeseburgers.
am still after the cheese burgers but not so much, this trimester it's been sushi but i haven't eaten any cos the ones i'm craving would be bad for me and baby so am making do with seaweed salad occassionally or making my own. can't wait to see what 2rd trimester does.
My diet has changed so much since being pregnant! I normally eat quite a 'clean' healthy diet but thats certainly gone out the window! My main cravings would be milkshakes on full cream milk (mainly coffee flavour), salt & vinegar crisps, hot chips and KFC coleslaw.

Theres moments that I am tempted to eat a cheese burger from McDonalds but considering I haven't eaten meat for nearly a decade I've been able to resist that urge.

Bizarre hey? Hope I go back to being healthy when bubby arrives, feel naughty that I'm not always eating the most nutritional diet...

With my first child, who was a girl i craved thick well-done steaks and salty things. I'm not usually a big meat eater I will only eat meat in like indian, spaghetti bol, lasagne etc so yeh

strawberry milk wen i had morning sickness (now cant stand it) now its nectarins, beetroot on salad rolls and choccy milk!
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