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Baby small for gestational age Lock Rss

I have just seen my midwife and I am about 28 weeks pregnant, the baby is measuring on the small side (size of 26 weeks). I have had terrible morning sickness and still feel very ill everyday and have to force food down. This is making me even more stressed as I feel like I am harming my baby. has anyone else gone through this? Help!
I was about 27wks when they first did a fundal measurement and told me I was measuring small. I ended up having a heap of u/s and blood tests and stuff to find out why baby was small and they found nothing just caused me extra stress. when she was born she was perfectly healthy, just small. sometimes it can indicate a problem but sometimes babys are just small. do your best with what you can eat but don't stress yourself out over it all. Your body will take what it needs for the baby.
Hi whike,
My midwives told me that the fundal measurement is fine to be within 2 cm either side of how many weeks you are (so being 28 weeks your measurement could be anywhere between 26-30cm) I measure quite small the whole way through (at almost 42 weeks just before my daughter was born i was still only 33cm)I had a few extra scnas for them to check that baby wasnt too small and also that i had enough fluid) all looked fine on the scans and my daughter was born 7 pound 12 (3.52kg) average size. They said it was obviously just the way i was carrying.
Im sure you have nothing to worry about, maybe see if they could do another scan to look at bub's size for your own peace of mind?
Good luck,

Hi there,
Thanks for this advice- we had ICIS (a type of IVF) to help us get pregnant so I think sometimes I can be a little sensitive and worry about the baby, but your advice is reassuring! I am due to see my midwife in 2 weeks and I may have another scan then, so I am going to try and relax over the next few weeks and hopefully that will help, thanks for you advice!
I am going through a similar situation at the moment and also feel worried for the health and wellbeing of my baby.

My fundal height measurement is normally one cm longer then my gestation e.g. at 19 weeks I measure at 20cm, at 25 weeks I measure at 26cm etc. and this trend has been consistent at all of my antenatal appointments.

On Wednesday I had my appointment at the hospital and for the 1st time measured 3 cm smaller then my gestation. The doctor sent me for a ultrasound which I had yesterday and it has been confirmed that my baby is (now) smaller then average and will now need to be monitored. I now have to make an appointment with the hospital to go over my results in detail and see where to go from here.

I couldn't sleep at all last night and I am so worried for my little one - although I know stress wouldn't be helping the situation - I just hope that all is ok and bubby is just little but still perfectly healthy. I can't understand why all of a sudden growth has slowed so dramatically in comparison to how its usually been.

Any words of wisdom or advice would be embraced! x

[Edited on 31/10/2008]

Hey there,
We are now on fortnightly scans to keep an eye on the baby- so it is really just a waiting game now. I have been fairly stressed of late with work etc and I have a feeling that I really need to take stock and appreciate that I need to relax more to try and encourage good growth. I am hoping that you can relax as well and try hard not to stress (easier said than done when going through this eh). My due date is the 11th of Jan and I think you are due about the same time, so the babies still have time to catch up.
Have they looked at the blood flow across the umbilical cord to make sure that sufficient nutrients etc are passing from you to bubs?
Take care and let me know how you get on with your next scan smile
I just saw your posts about a small baby and it brought back many memories. Both my babies (now 3 and 11 months) have been exactly the same. At around 25 weeks I have been for a growth scan and found out that they measured about 4 weeks smaller than average. First time around I went in and out of hospital and during that time was monitored twice a day and had 2 scans a week. I managed to keep her on the inside unti 37 weeks and she was weighed 4 pound 13. Second time I was put in hospital at 25 weeks and stayed in until I was 28 weeks. Again had MANY test, scans etc but again managed to get through til 36 weeks and she weighed 4 pound 8. I am now pregnant again and am very worried about it happening again! But this time I am only worried because I have 2 others at home to look after and being in and out of hospital is a pain. This time though I know that I will be well looked after and they will keep a really close eye on whats going on.
My advice - Relax. As hard as it may seem its well worth it. Every day that you can keep your baby on the inside is less time that they may need in special care if it comes early. And remember that they are keeping an eye on your progress and will be quick to respond if they need to. Although we had much stress before our girls arrived once they arrived they have been totally fine. Small but perfectly healthy. And its well worth it. Looking back now its a minor detail but at the time it was awful.
I hope you get on OK and get through as many weeks as possible.
And one positive thing about having a small baby is that they stay smaller for longer.
Take care of yourself. smile
this also rings home for me. at 24 weeks i had a scan to check the position of my placenta (which was fine)but they picked up that bubs was 'too small'. i had 3 scans in the following 2 weeks and then another at 36 weeks to monitor growth. I was told i would have a 6 pound baby which didnt bother me at all, as that is perfectly healthy and my partner and i are not big people so were never going to have a big baby! a lot of stress over nothing- they did the same thing to my sister in law. my daughter was born 4 days before EDD at 7 pound 6- i wouldnt call that small! and she certainly didnt feel small coming out for that matter (TMI?)!

me- 27, DH 29, DD #1 born 11.3.07, DD#2 born 31.7.

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