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Renni Lock Rss

Hi all,

Well, with only a few weeks to go before bubs is due, drinking a glass of milk to help my heartburn has stopped working. So i looked through my 'bounty bag'(?) which i received at my antennatal class and reached for some Renni indigestion tablets- they worked a treat. Hubby kept asking me to find out if they were alright for pregnant women to take, naturally i answered "off course they are, otherwise they wouldn't have been in the bag!". He went to buy me some at the chemist and decided to ask if they were ok to take whilst pregnant. Apparently not. So now i'm taking Mylanta for indigestion. Just wondering, has anybody else heard that Renni isn't good to take during pregnancy and does anybody know why this would be so?


I took them when I was pregnant too, because they were in the Bounty Bag given to me at the hospital. That's a bit scary - you'd think if they weren't safe they wouldn't put them in the bag. My son was born as healthy as anything, but next time I will be checking first. Thanks for posting this.

All the best with the rest of your pregnancy.
I haven't heard anything specific about that particular brand, but in my first Bounty pack Quick-eze were advertised (so like you I assumed they would be fine), have since found out that they interfere with the absorption of iron, which is possibly the same reason Renni is not recommended.
Obviously they don't check some of these things b4 including them in the pack/advertising. It's a good idea to check anything in the way of medication with your pharmacist, even throat lozenges are no-go!

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

You're welcome Jasmine, thanks for the good wishes.

Sable, goodness, Quick-eze is no good as well! No throat lozenges too? Now i know why Renni is bad, we certainly don't need to be taking things which interfere with absorption of iron. I know what you're saying about checking re medication and i normally do but you'd think it'd be ok if it comes in a bag that the hospital has given to you. Well, there's a lesson to be learnt.

Thanks for your response girls.



liquid gaviscon works really well too.

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

This is really bad news! I was taking renni when i was 7 mths pregnant onwards, also when i was admitted to hospital early, the midwives sent my husband out to buy some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is something else for me to be neurotic about!

mum of 1

Hi Super,

I took Renni tablets in my first pregnancy without any problems!!! My doctor did say it was okay. I was also told that Mylanta is fine... and right now I am 31+ weeks pregnant and taking Mylanta double strenghth at night to combat the severe heartburn that I am getting. My doctor, who I trust has told me it is fine as long as you follow the directions on the packaging. You will always get told contradicting information and sometimes you just need to use common sense! I am sure that the hospitals would not give out Bounty bags with a product they concider unsafe to take in pregnancy!

Any medication can be harmful if you take too much, so always follow the directions on the pack.

Goodluck with the last few weeks of your pregnancy... I'll be thinking of you.

Michelle smile (less than 9 weeks to go!!!)
I'll try the liquid gaviscon Steph.

Jo, don't panic too much, judging by what everyone has to say, opinions vary. I'm sure there's someone out there who thinks Mylanta is bad too. Maddychelle has a good point, common sense i suppose. It's just frustrating getting differing opinions all the time by people who are supposed to be professionals- i guess they're only human. I never thought i'd ever get heartburn like this- it hurts like crazy. Don't have to eat anything bad either, just have to lie down and it's all over. I know i can sleep sitting up with lots of cushions but it's an uncomfortable way to have to sleep. Ah, whine, whine.....



Hi - I know that this post was ages back, but, I just thought that I would jot down briefly about Mylanta which I thought others may be interested in - Mylanta has aluminium in it, which can harm your baby as well as cause miscarriages later on (if you have heaps of it). BUT you can buy Aluminium Free Mylanta - so, it is worth checking that out before you buy it and to buy the one with out it just to play it safe.
(I am not wanting to sound preachy but a friend of mine has suffered because of this, and she only wishes she knew that there were two types before).

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Hi Lindab,

Thanks for your message- it's never too late to learn about new things. I learnt the same thing just recently through my mothers group about Mylanta containing aluminium. Heaps of people use it to give straight to their babies in order to help with reflux. I was thinking about giving some to my bub to help him but then reconsidered bc of the aluminium. Might try some of the Mylanta without the aluminium- never knew it existed.

By the way, you don't sound preachy, it's nice of you to let us know about the Mylanta.




Hi Super, Lindab,

Thanks for the info about Rinni & Mylanta.

I'm new here and 31 wk pregnant. These info are very useful. Especially, it's good to know about the alminium free Mylanta as I have been wondering about that. Also, I wasn't sure about taking Rinni though I've got in my Bounty bag.

Maybe old posts for lots of people, but it is useful info for anyone new like me. smile



Glad we could help Yuki. You see lindab? It's all useful info, especially for us first time mums.

Congratulations Yuki, hope all goes well for you.



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