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Placenta Praevia??? Lock Rss

Hi all

my girlfriend has just had her 19 week ultrasound and been told that she has Placenta Praevia. Does anyone have any experience with this?

She is worried that it will mean she has to have a C-section and is desperate to have a vaginal delivery.

Hope someone can enlighten us.



Hi roy, I have known 3 women that had this. One was in my anti natal class, one was a friend and the other was a friend of my mothers daughter. All 3 had caesareans. It is a common complaint. All 3 hoped the placenta would move as the baby grew but it didnt. But on the up side all 3 now have beautiful, healthy babies!!!

Sorry I cant tell you any more than that.
Hi Roy

My friend had this but she was one of the lucky ones where the placenta did move up before the baby's birth so she was able to deliver naturally.

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Hi Roy,

I just thought I would let you know that two of my friends had this and they both had natural deliveries. Their placentas lifted at 38 and 36 weeks for the two of them. But I have heard of heaps of people who have had the placenta problem and one of my friends even went through really bad bleeds with hers but she delivered nautrally a healthy baby boy so I think it is just the luck of the draw.

Hope your friend is lucky and hers lifts.

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I had undetected placenta praevia in my third pregnancy. I had one of those ER like dashes to the theatre where they did a C section. They rushed me in because my little girl's heart rate was almost double it's acceptable rate and they thought she might have heart failure if they didn't get her out. When the OB cut into me, he sliced right thru the placenta blocking the cervix. My early scans had shown a low lying placenta, but it was not low enough to cause concern. Obviously it moved or was lower than they thought. The midwife told me my situation was extremely rare and that if I had delivered her vaginally, the placenta would have come first and that she probably would not have survived. As it happens, I was only 1 1/2 cm dilated and was not progressing anyway. Probably because of the placenta blocking the cervix. If your friend does have a C section, it is for the best. I have since had two more babies vaginally after my C section. A healthy, happy baby is definately the most important focus. Wishing her all the best.

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Hi Roy,

I too had a low placenta at my 19 week u/s, but it had moved by the time I had my 34 week one. I did have a c-section, but that was for foetal distress. My sonographer (who was an obstetrician) said that most placentas move by 34-36 weeks.


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