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really want to breast feed this time! help me.. Lock Rss

Hi , i had some trouble breastfeeding my 2 yr old dd when i had her where my nipples were constantly bleeding and cracked for 2 weeks and she was always hungry and i didn't seem to get any help or good advice from the midwives at the hospital or even when they came to my house after so i had to give my baby formula because i was constantly in so much pain i would cry when i knew it was time for her feed because of the pain i was in.

But i would really like to breastfeed my next baby and would love some advice on what i can do or use on my nipples to get them ready.

i just want to add that my nipples are already really sensitive, especially if they are rubbed against clothing.

[Edited on 04/01/2009]

I'm not sure you will even struggle this time around. Did you keep feeding until your nipples started to get better? because seeming they have already been "used" a bit they may not hurt again or be AS painful as before, but just too ensure it doesn't.
You should try and toughen them up a bit before you breastfeed, just touching them dry with your fingers will do it, nothing to harsh.Make sure your bra isn't too tight as if you're wearing a bra all day it inverts the nipple and no air gets to it so it stays soft and sensitive. If you don't already not wear a bra at night just it a try or wear a very loose bra.
Try this site and search for Nipple Ease, it should let your nipple air out more and will help with sore nipples once breastfeeding.

Hi,goodluck with you pregnancy. From what i've heard you don't really toughen nipples as you want them kind of soft. Tough dry nipples tend to be the ones that split. A bit like any dry skin. I had trouble with my dd has I had slightly flat nipples which were really flat at first due to engorgement. This meant she had trouble latchng and I go sore nipples like you did. What I found helped was lansol (sp) cream. It comes in a purple tube and is made for breast feeding. It isn't expensive, and doesn't change the flavour of your milk. Anothing that can help which I could try because we we're living at mum and dads, is to leave you nipples exsposed after a feed. This is so they are not constantly wet from milk. Maybe the aba might have other ideas as some of their counslers have fed for years and wood have seen it all.

On a personal note, I know two mums who couldn't feed their first but sucessfuly fed or are feeding their second. I think with the one who just had her baby, she was under less pressure. She knew formula was there as a backup , so she just relaxed and so far so good. So it is posibile as every bub is different so just relax and enjoy being a mum.
toughen them up was bad wording lol, i didn't mean that, i just meant to get them a bit used to bit out and being used instead of being in a hot bra all day until sleepy time...if that makes any sense smile

I was told by midwife to spend 5-10 minute with them in the sun every day.. So I washed up in the afternoon then put my top back on lol worth a try...


Did u try Lansinoh cream with your DD?? Its only a few $$ from the chemist, i would put some on after every feed. I am preg with my 2nd and have been getting sore nipples so i have already started using it. You dont even have to wash it off before feeding.
You can also get nipple guards, not sure where from maybe the chemist. My sister used them when her nipples cracked. You just put them on when you feed, bubs still gets a normal suction on them.

Hope this helps.

I was given a tube of bepathen (sp?) nappy rash cream when I was pregnant with my first by a nurse. She said to put it on after every feed, and I did, and have for all my babies and have never had a dry, crracked or bleeding nipple! They are very tender for the first couple of weeks, which is normal, but I would just put the cream on whenever they felt a bit sore and after I think about 2 weeks I stopped using the cream as I didnt need it anymore.
Another thing I have been told works, but only used it if I didnt have cream on me is squeezing out some breastmilk and rubing it in around and on the nipple.
Hope this helps!

That Lansoh... cream is good as is breastmilk for toughening/soothing. Use leading up to and as often as possible as soon as you start tryig to feed.
Read a bit about what is expected and try to keep it simple in your head. I just tried to relax and thought nose to nipple baby to belly relax and breathe.
See if there is a lactation consultant at the hospital near you. I went to a short evening class before I had bubs, free at the hospital and that really helped.
Good luck.
Hey there!

I just wanted to let you know that bf was agonising for me too. I cried and had to stamp my feet every feed for the first couple of weeks. But then it just started to ease up!! The longer I did it, the better it got! I used the cocoa butter nipple cream from palmers and that helped a little. I would put it on before and after a feed and anytime I remembered in between!

All the suggestions have been great and I used many of them myself.

It does get better the longer you do it, you just need to support yourself while your getting used to it. The ABA have some great info as well!

All the best!
Hi I just wanted to wish you all the best this time trying to BF bub.

I agree with OC1246 the palmers coco cream was great. A nipple sheild could help just to give you that little break too.

I moisturised my boobs and nipples twice a day even before Aiden was born so I think that helped me in the early days. For me my mum said the first 6wks are the hardest and she was right after that it was easy, still going now, about to ween him 16mths later so I can have my boobs to myself lol before bub #2 arrives in 5mths.

hi dilarasmum,
aw i really feel your pain! my bub is 6 days old and we had soo much trouble getting bub to latch nipples are soo sensitive and became extremely cracked and even bled the first few days we were breastfeeding.
getting her to latch properly was the problem, and no midwife or nurse could teach me to get her to do it properly, i had to figure out a way of doing it on my own and it became successful!

positioning is key in getting it right, i use the football hold and it works wonders.. (if u want to no more u can post me if u like)

with the nipples, i found NO cream worked for the damaged nipple, if anything it made it worse. if u can express a little colostrum on the cracked area and let it air dry..try to wear no bra or top as much as possible, and if the nipples get stuck to clothing wear breast pads.

at the hosp they gave me these 'dressings' for my nipples, and they are devine, just ask at ur local chemist they wouldnt be dear they're just like tiny bandages but give u relief.

when breastfeeding try a nipple shield untill u work out how to latch, the bigger the shield the better i found, and it helped my bub open her mouth wider.

people said this to me and it meant nothing, but still, persistance is a virtue! u will get it eventually and it may not come easy and pain free, but it will come grin and if u give up, thats ok too, watever works for u is the best way!
all the best, if u want to ask any more questions please feel free !!
I just wanted to add, sometimes its bloody painful and nothing will help but time. If you can have good support around you to try and get through the rough patch, it won't be long before you are out of it!
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