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I'm 14 weeks preg and would like to start Pre-natal Yoga and perhaps so other forms of exercise.

Can anyone recommend any places in the inner city Sydney area ? i.e. Waterloo, Alexandria or Central ??

RPA has a few Yoga options but days dont suit.

Thanks !


Nicole, Waterloo NSW Due Date 10th September 2006

Hi Nicole,

I am doing yoga at my local gym but have just told the instructor that i'm pregnant and she gives me alternative excercises to do.

Another option is to call your hospital that you will be attending. They may have a list of places close to you that practice yoga. I'm starting a power-birth yoga in Castle Hill that they run all year round specifically aimed at pregnant women and I'm assuming it helps to prepare for the birth etc. I found this out through Westmead Private.

Good Luck

Nat, Due in July 2006

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