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Hello all
I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who has had hellp syndrome?
I developed pre e and hellp syndrome almost one year ago now at 33 weeks and had to have an emergency c section.
Our son was born at 1550 grams (3lbs 4oz) If there is anyone else out there i would love to hear form you as this can be very traumatic ( so i have found out) and its not very common
hi lisa, although i didnt have hellp syndrome, i did have severe pre eclampsia during the labour and birth. i was in a pretty bad way, and i am quite traumatised by what i have been through. if you ever want to talk, my email is or u can add me to msn

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hi Lisa,

I also developed HELLP syndrome and had an emergency c section. My little boy (who's nearly 2) was 2kg when he was born at wk36. Would love to have a chat as I know what you mean about being traumatic & rare.
Hope to speak to you soon

Alicia, NSW, mum to Max & Hunter

This post is quite old now. But I'll reply anyway.
I developed hellp syndrome at 39 weeks. Didn't even know anything was wrong until I went into labour and they checked blood pressure, protein in urine etc. I got progressively worse after the emergency Caesar, which they thought was odd. I was pretty ill! Had some damage to my kidneys, which resolved after 3 months post delivery. Now pregnant with my second, so hopefully this labour will go smooth!
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