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Dentist - is it ok? Lock Rss


I just broke the side of my wisdom tooth tonight (paddlepop stick of all things) and wondering what this means when I'm pregnant (17 weeks).

Can you have a tooth pulled when your pregnant (thinking of the local and painkillers they would use).

Yes you can see your dentist, good news is you are past 12 weeks so they can give you local anaesthetic. I had it twice (for something else) when I was pregnant with my second.

Only thing they cant do is take xrays... however last dentist I saw said he could so I'm not sure if that's changed now.

Give your dentist a ring.

I had a wisdom tooth out and 4 fillings done, they will also do x rays but only if they really need to. They will just out a led blanket over your belly. As for pain killers it will just be Panadol. The only sore part from my tooth coming out was where i had one of the injections of local in my gum, it wasn't as sore as i was expecting.

Now days your Dr or midwife will tell you that you should go have a check up during pregnancy.

Good luck.

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