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Netball and pregnancy Lock Rss

How safe is it really to play netball during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. Has anyone done this? Do you consider it ok to do?
Hi nicolet

I played up until about 16 weeks with DS, but this was only social netball, so wasn't that rough or fast. The worst thing I found was because everyone knew, no one would play normally around me just incase they touched/hurt me.

My decision to stop playing came about because I was starting to show and wouldn't be able to handle the guilt if I got elbowed in the stomach or hurt.

So really up to you and how seriously you take your netball, also talk to your doc if your not sure, hope this helps.

Keep well!

CJ ~ DS 4, DD 1

Hi Nicolet

I am not sure about the safety aspects but there are other considerations being your own teammates and your opposition. I have played other sports against obviously pregnant women (at a reasonably competitive standard) and did not feel I could play my usual game due to their pregnant status and possibility of injuring them. If your teammates know you are pregnant, it may also cause disruption to their game as they may try to cover you in a great show of concern. Netball can be very physical for a non-contact sport. I believe if you are going to play, you should make it known to both your teammates and opposition before taking the court.
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