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cold & flu medication during pregnancy Lock Rss

Does anyone know if there are any safe cold & flu medications you can take while pregnant?

I've gotten my dd's viral infection and I already suffer from Hayfever so I'm pretty miserable at the moment and panadol just doesnt do too much.

I've heard that Sudafed is safe after the first trimester but I always thought it was a no no.

Anyone got any suggestions or know of any natural remedies that will work quickly?

thanks for any replies

Hi there,

Im not sure ive always been told only to take Panadol, maybe go to the chemist and ask they are usually pretty good and if their unsure they should find out for you. Or see if you can get into see your Dr.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hello smile

I have the flu at the moment too and I went to see my doctor I asked about cold and flu tablets but he told me not to take anything except vicks vaprorub and eucalyptus lollies. They help a little, but just have to suffer.

Hope you feel better soon

no unfortunately there isnt anything else you can take - natural wise you might pop into a health store or give them a call and see if there is anything you can take.
A couple of months ago I came down with tonsillitis, and my local GP prescribed me amoxycillan tablets - MW said that these were fine.

I then took some cough mixture which I doubled and trippled checked was safe during pregnancy - it was listed as a category A, and again my MW said it was okay to take.

There are definetly things that you can take to ease a cold/flu, but just make sure you run everything by your ob or MW.

Hope you feel better soon,
One of the down sides of being pregnant is no drugs!

You can take panadol as directed, which I find does help a bit, especially if you do take it as directed (2 tablets every 6 hours as directed?).

Sudafed is a no no as far as I am aware.

I had shocking nasal congestion with DS in third trimester. I checked with GP & Ob and it was OK at that point to use nasal decongestants - but not sure about second trimester?

Unfortunately, I suspect you will just have to ride it out - good food, and rest.

Kiwiherb is really good. All natural and most of it Organic. I know that the Kiwiherb De-stuff is safe for pregnant women and is good for easing congestion etc, also their Echinature, Chest Syrup. Their kids range is amazing too. Yayu Health has really good prices on Kiwiherb and are really easy to order through.

i have been to by my one close fiend that when she was in her 5th month she was taking flu tablets. is it goodtest practice in that stage.
"In the first 12 weeks the baby is making its organs, and so in general, if people don't need to take something during that time it would be great if they didn’t," says Dr. Ross. In light of this statement, I recommend consulting your doctor instead of self medications. These are from of the basic things that I have learned during my NCLEX 3500 examination and during my exam practice period, I have found the solution regarding the same issue that you have mentioned under this question bank series.
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