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weight gain patterns?! Lock Rss

Hello everyone! Long time reader, first time writer smile

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced patterns in weight gain?

Like for example i read that if you don't put on much weight during the first three months you could expect a huge 'growth spurt'

(do not read johnsons baby book, the silly thing suggests putting on a gradual and even 500grams a month or fortnight or something in a totally unrealistic pattern: not feasible for the female body i think!)

With myself i put on virtually nothing during the first trimester, then a kg a week onwards!

i am 30 weeks (thank goodness! it feels like time stretches!!)
i started at 59kg and am now 69kgs. should i expect a further kg a week?! or does it decrease?

I feel like no matter what i eat or how much i exercise it doesn't change (hospital told me my blood sugar was low. "Does this mean i can eat more chocolate?" midwife: "uh...yes?")

anyway, i would love to hear from mums and other preganacy people because the forums here have helped me so much and there is so little information about weight gain available. i suppose thats because every body is different but still! everybody wants to know!!

best wishes to all!

EDD 3rd June. 20 yrs old. Sydney

Hi Niki,
With both my pregnancies I lost a couple of kilos in the first 2 months (I had no morning sickness!!). I then put on 5kgs in the 2nd trimester and another 5ks in the 3rd. My doctor originally told me a weight gain of 3-5kgs a trimester is the average.
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