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Early pregnancy - Pump class and Chicken pox needl Rss

Hi there

I literally just found I was pregnant with #2 (lovely surprise!!!) and had a few questions (I'll be asking the Dr but wanted to know your feedback).

1. I had my 2nd chicken pox vaccination 1 week before my last period was due (i.e. 3 weeks before conception). Is this dangerous?

2. I've been doing a pump class to lose weight before I started trying again (opps) and wondered if this was still OK to do. Have done it twice since conceiving.

If all goes to plan (hopefully - the home preg test result was a lot stronger than with DS) bub will be due late Nov/early Dec. Hence why I was trying to avoid getting pregnant just yet - too damn hot to be heavily preg in NQ that time of year!!

Yeah thanks to all those mum's who replied (not).

Just in case anyone was actually reading this, I spoke to my GP and got the name of the company who makes the vaccination. I rang them and they've entered me onto a database to record any possible side effects, and will contact my OB should it be needed.

They're ringing me back with any further information.
[Edited on 26/03/2009]


Just read your post....

I have just done home preg test and I too will be due late Nov/early Dec (having a date scan on tuesday).

I have been doing kickboxing class twice a week, but think I may stop as I have to hold pads and if someone slips, i will get a kick in the gut.

As for pump, I reckon you can still do it, just watch your joints as they are weaker in pregnancy... also watch your heart rate doesn't get too high. And I would avoid full on ab crunches in the cool down.

When I was preg with Matilda I still did pilates, body combat etc.. but stopped around 20 weeks and started pregnancy yoga and pregnancy aqua aerobics.

Just listen to your body.

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

My good friend did pump class while she was pregnant... She just lowered her weights and tilted her step (didn't lie flat) to accommodate... She advised the instructor beforehand so that she modified a few things for her.. I am sure she did it up until 7-8 months.. There was also another lady in our class who was pregnant too !!! Gotta love pump classes... I only wish I had have kept it going....

Kezz, Qld,Maddy 11, Jai 3 & Mia 7 weeks

Thanks for your replies ladies. I've not gone back in the 3 weeks I've known that I was pregnant but have other excuses (organising an event, and a cold (I HATE not being able to take Codrals))

Once I get the all clear from my OB on the 16th (we're still concerned about the chicken pox needle thing too) I might go back.

The instructor is a friend of ours and we're not telling anyone yet so that also makes it difficult!

I am nearly 7 weeks and have been doing pump class twice a week, my doctor said its fine and the instructor said its fine, you just have to put your weights down a bit.
Good luck
Congratulations on the pregnancy - am jealous wink

I have been really active the last 8 months in an attempt to finally shake the weight gain of DS. I do 2 x body attack, a pump class, and run each week, sometimes more (I do it at lunchtime at work so depends on how mad work is if I get more in).

I am TTC#2 (no luck yet, very depressing) and had a look at the literature around pregnany and exercise. The old school thought was do not let your heart rate get about 140 beats per minute. More recent 'expert opinion' (lowest level of evidence but no one is game to experiment on pregnant women!) suggests that if you are doing something reguarly before getting pregnant it is reasonable to continue to do so. This is of course taking into account:
- ligament laxity and the higher rate of injuries secondary to this
- changing centre of gravity (no high kicks etc!)
- general getting larger and maybe having to scale stuff back to accommodate this
- that you do let any instructor know you are pregnant so they can suggest alternatives as appropriate - but I would suggest this is more as you get larger rather than first few weeks as risk is more related to centre of gravity, ligament damage risk that anything else.

With DS I ran for 30 min 3-4 mornings a week on my treadmill until I was 6 months, then switched to power walking. I listened to my body though - if it was too hard I stopped or slowed down.

Bugger about the chicken pox vac. FYI, I had my flu shot when 13 weeks pregnant with DS as I work at a disease palace (hospital) and I checked before - minimal risk. Risk of being sick with bad flu higher than potential from a dead vac. Just trying to remember if chicken pox is a dead or live vaccine? And with the cold - fine to take panadol as directed on box - it does help somewhat and the trick is to take is every 6 hours as per directions.

Good luck.

Thanks for your replies ladies! I've continued walking (4km in just under 40 mins) which I've done everyday for nearlly 4.5 years, but haven't gone back to pump just yet as I'd only done a few classes before I fell.

I've had a call back from GlaxoSmithKlien who make the vaccine but the lady wansn't very helpful at all. She said she's forwarded on the info to my OB but I WANT TO KNOW NOW! She said she couldn't give me much info due to privacy but I asked what were the general outcomes and she's referred me back to my Dr and only said "CVS".

I might ring his offices in the morning and ask if they can fax me any of the literature at all.

My research so far shows that the risk of CVS (Congenital Varicella Syndrome) if you CATCH chicken pox in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are around 0.4% in a European study, and anywhere up to 2% in other research. The biggest risk for CVS (eye, skin, skeletal, brain development problems) is between 13 and 20 weeks. Can't find anything about the vaccination though. I got my 2nd shot 1 week before my LMP.

I feel so conflicted - I just want to know if I have to make a decision to continue with the pregnancy or not, and don't know whether to be excited yet?! I'm having a dating scan next Wednesday and seeing the OB on the day before Good Friday. Hopefully the day lives up to the name and I can finally share my "Good" news!!!

Hey there,
I have a 16 month old and am pregnant with #2, due in October. I too am doing a pump class once a week and hope to continue as long as my body is happy for me to do so. I found after the delivery of my first I was so weak so hope to keep up some of my strength after #2 is born!!
I found the Les Mills website to be very useful re pregnancy and pump. They have a brochure which is well worth reading

Hope this link works.

Anyway hope you are all staying happy and healthy,
Us smile

Well saw my OB on Thurs and he said that it's fine - the vaccination isn't going to hard the baby and the literature from the manufacturers of the vaccine have never had any congenital defects from vaccination within 3 months before falling, or during pregnancy.

Phew! Can get excited now.

Hey i only just read all this, i wanted to say Good Luck but looks like you don't need it!!

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