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i am not sure if this is already on the site as have not had a detailed look. i have a six week old but found the worst part of pregnancy was the morning sickness which caused me to loose 6 kg in my first two months through lack of eating. i thought it might help to share ways of coping. i survived basically on green apples, buttered toast, ginger ale and mint patties. also had shocking heartburn the entire time (first time in life) and chewed gum and tums to help deal with this

robert 15 feb 06 qld

Yeah, I don't know I will be mutch help - lost 12kg first pregnancy, with this one lost 6kg in 5weeks. I have found all of the advice in the books etc has not worked - tried eating before getting up, sea bands, resting etc

What I have found helpful is taking the vitamin b6, nibbling on arrowroot biscuits to keep something in your stomach, sometimes chewing on a mintie is helpful.

As for the heartburn, I can relate to that too, but never found anything remotely helpful for that one.

Hi all,

I had morning sickness all day and night for the first 13 weeks. I found a natural remedy of one drop of spearmint oil; it has to be pure, in water next to the bed over night helped. It didn't get rid of it, but it meant I then had time to get up in the morning and have breaky before it had a chance to really get to me. If I didn't get straight up and tried to sleep in, i paid for it even worst for the whole day. Maybe this is why minties helped.

Hope that helps someone else smile


First time Mum of Ebony Rose, number 2 on the way

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