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Ideas for healthy snacks and lunches Lock Rss

I need some help. I am finding that I need to snack all day. I work in an office so I need to take food to work. Are there any ideas of what I can take to work for lunch and snacks. Currently I am taking raisens, a couple of cracker biscuts, a museli bar (which I think is actually full of sugar) some fruit and a couple of slices of bread with nothing in it. I would really love some suggestions as I am running out of ideas and have found that I have started sneaking in a bag of chips for my lunch and I am starting to get sick of the same things to eat. Healthy ideas would be better

Chch, NZ - Boy & EDD 13/11/08

Hey I know how you feel about eating the same thing every day. I had gestational diabetes so had to have healthy snacks.

Just for variety I did have the occasional splurge, eg chips or chocolates. I had a similar range as you - I had raisins, crackers, rice wafers, nuts, fruit, yoghurt, muesli bar (the Weetbix ones), Burgen raisin loaf, baby carrots with hummus (yum!).

For lunch, I have a sandwich made with Burgen bread (its just because Burgen is low GI). I dont have any butter/spread. Meats & salad, but no cheese. Sometimes, I will have a small rice/noodles dish. If I'm going to have takeaways, I go for the likes of wraps or kebabs, and if Asian takeaways, I go for steam rice rather than fried rice.

Good luck! Good to hear that you're going to try for the healthy eating option. I found certain days quite hard as I just wanna splurge & on days like that I go hard out just so that I don't feel so deprived. smile

Sheila, Akld NZ, baby Stephanie born 28/3/06

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