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Can getting the flu hurt my baby? Lock Rss

Hi this may sound dumb but I am unsure,
Over the last few days I have been feeling lathargic and run down and very nasally. Can getting the flu harm my baby? (I am 32 weeks pregnant)
Or is what I am feeling common in the last trimester of pregnancy..
Sorry if I am dumb.

55 days and counting

Emma, WA (Madyson Paige Elizabeth Born 9/6/06)

Apparently you can lots of sinus problems in your last trimester. I've had problems with hayfever before I was preggers & in my last trimester, my nose was fully going for it that I jsut felt lethargic every day, esp in afternoon. Also, not sure if you've experienced it yet, but if you blow too hard you sometimes get a bit of blood - this is common.

Sheila, Akld NZ, baby Stephanie born 28/3/06

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