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Pap smear question... Lock Rss

It was always my understanding that when you are pregnant you steer clear of papsmears.

Dr told me that she will do one at my next visit. I had my hopsital appt, and told the midwife this and she said oh do they do them here in australia whilst pregnant do they? I told her i didnt think they did either.

Anyhows, google research has come up 50/50, so im asking you girls on your thoughts. My gut feeling is saying not to have it done.

I would be about due for one, but not sure if i should just wait for after the birth and stuff.

TIA xx

3 Little Ones to Love.....

wow i didn't know they could do them either!!! strange!

My GP does them up until 10 weeks. At my last appointment I was 9 weeks 5 days and I was due for one but as my LMP puts me much further then the dating scan that said 9w5d she decided against it.
I was due for one while pregnant, i said i wanted to wait until after bub was born.
i was due for mne whilst pregnant with my son, and the midwife wanted to do it, but i declined and waitied till my 6 weeks post natal checkup.

i figured that i had never had a bad result from any previous pap smears,so the risk of having one done far outweighed the benefits in my case.

I was waaaaaaay over due (in fact I'm booking in tomorrow, whoops) but they didn't even consider doing one. Dr just said to ask about it at my 6 week checkup. (which I didn't, another whoops)

Depends on the Dr, I had one done during pregnancy.
I had one done while pregnant with DD in 2006. I was having them every year though because of having CIN3 and having to have surgery when I was 19. My Dr is a OBGYN so I trusted him. I had slight spotting afterwards which is normal.

This time, after all of my pap smears coming back a-ok, my Dr and I have decided to not worry about my pap smear till this baby is born. I have had regular pap smears and am having them every 2 yrs now instead of yearly so we've decided it's no biggy to wait a few more months.

If you've been having them regularly then you should be ok to give it a miss while pregnant but be sure to have it as soon as possible after the birth.

I know how scary it is to get the news that all is not right and surgery is the only answer.

I was about 7 months overdue for a pap smear when I became pregnant with DS. My OB asked me at my first visit when my last one was and even though I was overdue, he told me he would do one at my six week post natal check up because he wouldn't do it while I was pregnant.

I think the only time they should do one while pregnant is if you have a history of abnomal results in the past.

My babies are all grown up sad

I had one when i was pregnant with DD (6 weeks). I didnt realise at the time that it could be risky and my DR didnt say anything to me about it.

This pregnacy i was due again last month and i said no as i now know the dangers (i also have a new dr and she said that i should wait and was quite suprised that i had one while pregnant last time).

Thanks for the replies girls. I think i will stick with my gut feeling and wait to my 6week check up to have it done.

I havnt ever had one abnormal, had one non conclusive (think that was the term) they said they had to redo it, and it was all ok anyhows. GOD I WAS STRESSING THAT WEEK THOUGH!! !LOL

3 Little Ones to Love.....

I was waaaay overdue when I found out I was pregnant. GP did not want to wait so recommended I have it done - which I did, with no dramas. That was nearly 2 years ago, I'm TTC now and GP has recommended I get have one ASAP to avoid doing it during pregnancy again. He said there is no evidence to suggest it is a risk, but if I had one done and then went on to m/c, I would blame myself, even if it didn't cause the m/c - iykwim?

I think there are two different tools they use to collect the sample - a brush and soemthing else - I was told they would use one, not the other because I was preg.

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