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Pap smear question... Lock Rss

Nup, they don't do them here. I am under the impression that swabbing the cervix during pregnancy, especially early pregnancy is a no-no but that might just be my paranoia lol
i was asked during my last pregnancy... and i wasnt even overdue.. and the doc was really pushing for me to have it... but i declined
too me it wasnt worth the risk..
am going for mine in two weeks

I had one last August that came back inconclusive. I was suppose to have another one but got pregnant late November and i declined to have one done whilst pregnant so i will just wait untill my 6 week post check up.

I have only have one bad reading and that was my 6 week check up after DS. But all went back to normal within a few months.

I don't think my doc does, or he may do them up until a certain time. Personally I wouldn't like getting one done whilst pregnant though.
no, i would def not, the risk of infection and breaking the waters just for a pap smear unless it was for dire straights reasons is not worth the damage it could do (as i say because of infection etc) to your unborn baby.

Sorry cant spell!
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gut feelings don't usually mislead you. go with your gut.
My Gyno doesnt do pap smears while you are pregnant.

I wouldnt have it done during pregnancy, Our hospital wont do it they wait till after 6 week check.
Spunks with my history I have to have 6mthly smears and I questioned what will happen re: pregnancy and I was told they do do them but they use a different brush to get the sample. I havent crossed that path yet but like I said I wanted to know.
They can do a "brief" papsmear where it's more just around the outside but as your cervix is closed can't go into the canal sort of thing. they use different things to reduce chances or iritation/bleeding etc... that's what my doctor did anyway when i was pregnant with DS1 as i was due 3 months after and she had to do it because i had an abnormal one 6 months earlier
[Edited on 03/06/2009]

Thanks Girls! I appreciate all the feedback.

I have decided that it can wait till my 6 week check up. I knwo you have said that it is a different tool they use, brush or whatever it was, but i still dont feel entirely comfortable with having it done.

They dont make our female lives easy do they!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

I was also due for one when I was pregnant Spunky but I chose for them to not touch my cervix till 6 weeks after birth ..I just couldnt risk it ...probably perfectly safe or else I am sure they would not have suggested it ....

I say wait love ..if all your other smears have been clear then I can see no harm in waiting ..I would think diffrently if you have had an irregular smear ...but if all your others have been clear then I say wait ..

how you feeling anyway love ??? I ahve some maternity clothes here for you if you are intrested ...they are aminly summer stuff but you can come and look through them and take what you like smile]
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