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Pap smear question... Lock Rss

I was due to have one and my DR said he will leave it till after Bub was born. So it must depend on the DR.
Hey Frances!

I am thinking of coming over tomorrow, was hoping to pop in for a cuddle of your beautiful little Miss!

I have a order to drop off down the road.

I will let you know though, and you can let me know if your up for it yet!

Il have both the girls, so up to you! smile]

xx Im off to start packing now, got LOTS to do! so will check back later! xx

3 Little Ones to Love.....

Luke is in daycare tomorrow but come on over problem at all ...would love to see you !
I had one done at 6 weeks...
I have been due for a pap in the middle of my last two pregnancies and with both my doc recommended that I wait and have it done at the six week check after birth. She said that this was the safer option and all my previous smears were clear. I think if I had a history of irregular smears then she may have insisted on having it done sooner.

My GP says up until 12 weeks is fine and I trust him. I was 6 months preg with DD3 at the time so he said to come back when she was 2 months old. According to him (and I know this varies but this is just what he said and like I said, I trust him so I believe it lol) there is no point in having it done before 2 months after bub because it will come back as "abnormal", something to do with thee hormones or levels of something...Anyhoo, I had mine and was fine but I am overdue now...have been putting it off but I think I will ring and make my appointment today. Thanks for the shove! lol

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Hey Spunnky,

I had to have one done a couple of weeks ago (YAY... NOT) but then that could have been due to the fact that my last one was done pre-Pumba lol.. Opps he-he

Anyway I asked about the safety of it all and stuff and they (well my doc) does not do the full smear just takes a swab.. Sorry TMI but that is the easiest (and nicest) way to explain on here lol, call me if you want me to explain properly lol

Leigha''s little men smile

I had one done at 4 weeks - I was overdue for a smear and trying for a baby so thought I should get one done, not realising that I was already pg. I mentioned to the dr that there was a very very tiny chance I may already be pg, and she said it's fine, they just use a different brush - she showed me the difference, it was softer and more rubbery.
personally i would rather not have one while pregnant. i was due for one during my pregnancy however my OB never brought it up, he just did one at my 6 week post-partum check up. not pleasant with my 4th degree tear, but i got it over with at least!

if you don't feel comfortable with it and your pap smears have all been normal in the past then tell your dr you would rather wait until you have had your baby.

I haven't read other replies!

I think it's just a some docs do some don't. I remember when I was pregnant with DS mum drilling into my head NOT to let them do a Papsmear, so at a check up when the lady said alright Papsmear time I jumped of the bed and said NAH-AHHH she tried to convince me to but I stood my ground so then she said fine just get it at your 6week checkup.

When my doctor and other midwives found out they all seemed pretty shocked about her trying to give me one?! So I would just stear clear til after the birth!
my GP just flat out refuses to do them at any time during pregnancy. I spoke to a number of other dr's at the hospital and they don't recommend it either as any cervical "stimulation" can cause premature labour and/or miscarriage. That was enough info for me to decide never to have one during pregnancy. Even if overdue. But I suppose if you were high risk for any abnormalities then I might change my mind. All other tests have always been normal so I wasn't too concerned.
Just did a net search cos im curious about this very same question. found heaps all along the same lines as the following:
Q: Is a Pap smear safe in pregnancy?
Not only is a Pap smear safe in pregnancy, it is considered mandatory by many obstetricians. An abnormal Pap smear discovered during a pregnancy may determine the management of the pregnancy as well as management of the abnormal Pap. Thankfully, most problems, even most severely abnormal Paps, can be managed after a normal pregnancy concludes.
The Pap is a gentle scraping of cells from the mouth of your womb. It is far, far away from the pregnancy and even the mild spotting it can cause has nothing at all to do with the baby. The cells are delicate and it's not unusual to have a little spotting for a day or two, so don't panic if this happens.

So yes, you need that Pap smear--it's considered good obstetrics and must be part of the prenatal care.

might be different in different countries so dont know about that but will keep searching for my own interest. good luck in making your decision.
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