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Pap smear question... Lock Rss

the following is from an australian government site:
23. Am I able to have a Pap smear during pregnancy?
We are unable to provide you with individual medical advice, and suggest you discuss your specific concerns with your doctor. However, we can provide you with the following general information about Pap smears in pregnancy.
Pap smears can generally be undertaken during pregnancy to at least 28 weeks gestation.
Pap smears have not been associated with increased rates of miscarriage.
Women who are due for a Pap smear during the pregnancy, but who do not have one, should make arrangements to have the smear at an early date after the baby is born.
Policy for cervical screening during pregnancy (Australia)

hope this helps smile
Glad you found that info Purple as I had one when I was about 6mths pregnant by my ob as I had previous smears come back abnormal.

Had that one of been any worse - then vaginal delivery may have been out of the I guess if you have had a bad history with them - there is every reason to have one - if not, then possibly pass until 6 week check up.
[Edited on 05/06/2009]
i had one done when i was pregnant but i didn't know it was dangerous. My docotr never told me any different. She asked me if was due for one & i said yes & she said up on the table. I was probably around 6-7 weeks when i had it done. I spotted afterwards & it fraked me out as again my docotr didn't tell me that was normal. Yep i have a CRAP doctor. I wont be going to her again if i have another baby.
There's no real reason not to do it during pregnancy, but most health professionals would advise you to wait til about 3 months post partum, unless you have an abnormal smear history or haven't had one for over 5 years. If that was the case then you should discuss with your smear taker, as it will depend on your history how frequently it should be done. Pregnancy can have adverse effects on the cervix & if you are already at risk (ie: have an abnormal history, perticularly high grade cell changes) then you may be advised to monitor this during pregnancy.
If none of that applies, leave it til about 3 months after delivery, as doing it any earlier may not be ideal due to old blood or inflammation of the cervix from delivery.
When I was pregnant i was due for a pap smear, but midwife through hospital check said we were fine to wait till the post 6 week check up. I wouldnt have done it whilst pregnant anyways.
The best piece of advice I can give to a soon-to-be mum is, learn to trust your instincts. You will know what is right for you, and for your baby. No one else will care as much for the both of you, as you do.

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i have cerviacl cancer and im pregnant, i have to have some small procedures done along the way during my pregnancy, to monitor the spread of the cancer cells... these procedures are more intrusive than a pap smeer and my cancer/preg specalist is optimistic that the pregnancy wont be harmed smile it is very very scary and if i had the choice it would be really nice to leave down there alone until bubs is here smile
scary as this is really my only opertunity to have a baby.
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