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Pregnancy Sickness Lock Rss

My pregnancy vomitting started a couple of days ago, just when I thought I was going to be one of the lucky ones. Was just wondering when everyone's sickness went away? How many weeks were you when it started to ease up abit?
14 weeks when it started to ease (and I came off the drip for good!)... about 20 weeks that I stopped counting hours/days between chucks lol lol lol
In between week 5 and 40 i think i had a whole of 1 day of not vomiting with DD....

Its supposed to ease inbetween 12-16wks but didnt for me... I really hope its better this time around.. (I ended up in hospital from it last time)
I was sick for the first three mths then it settled, now im 30 weeks, getting margains which is bringing on vomiting again. sad Just have to pump up the water levels. Hopefully that works.

If it get's really bad go see your gp they can help a lot.

I stopped all day throwing up when i was 20 weeks with Grace ...but I was still waking up during the night for a little vomit the night before she was born and she was 2 weeks overdue !! lol lol ....but that was from heartburn/reflux not from morning sickness !!..

hope it eases for you soon is just the pitts isnt it ???
I was vomiting almost every day from 7-40 (41.5 in DD1s case) weeks. Hope it eases for you soon.
i started with really bad all day neasea and vomiting at 5 weeks and eased off at 20. I'm now 30 weeks and it is starting back up again but not as bad, just neaseus every now & then & throwing up every few days.

I found early on Blackmores Morning Sickness Tablets helped ease it off a little, a bit further along the dr had to give me Maxalon, which also eased it off a little...nothing made it disappear.


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