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curious on weight gain Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Im just curious on how much weight everyone has gained throughout their pregnancy and big bubs was. Was there any other factors for your weight.

What have you currently gain with this pregnancy

My first pregnancy I gained 32kg, my son was 9lb 9oz and i had a lot of swelling.
At the moment Im 34 weeks pregnant and have gained 16kgs
Hi Bek81

I gained 10kg with DS who was 7lb 11.5oz (3.5kg) and am almost 27 weeks and have gained 4kg. However, I believe I need to lose at least 10kg from my pre-baby weight. I was only 0.5kg heavier at 8 weeks with this baby compared to last time.

Did you lose your pregnancy weight last time?

I lost most of the weight before falling pregnant again. I had 4kgs to go. I was happy with what I lost considering I gained 32kgs with the DS
Then may I say a HUGE congratulations on losing that much weight! It's hard with a little one (and I'm sure that 2 will be even more difficult!) I've struggled with weight my whole life (it doesn't help that my sisters are size 8 and 10) so I'm enjoying not having to "worry" so much during pregnancy!

Acutally I've found I now eat healthier than before because I make DS eat well.

Hi girls

I was 58kg when I fell preg with Matilda and got to 82kg at full term. I wasn't a pig, just ate normally but stacked it on. Matilda was born 9 pounds. Was down to 68kg at my 6 week check up.
I never lost the last ten kilos.... and fell preg with this one at 68kg. So far Im 25 weeks and have put on 6 kilos so far.
Im not too concerned with weight but hope to get to about 60kg after this bub, I think 60s about right for me.

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

I put on 12 kgs with my first pregnancy and DS1 weighed 6lb 15oz at birth. Went from 58kg to 70 kg.

So far this time around (2nd pregnancy - 26 weeks) I have gained 9kgs, up from 57 kgs to 66.

I have put on 11 kgs this pregnancy. I was 53 kgs now 64kgs. The estimated weight for my bub is approx 7 lbs (3.1kgs) I guess we will see in the coming weeks!!!

Hi there,

I put on 11kg with my first child (75kg to 86kg), but was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight 2 wks after the birth. Had a reasonable big bub, 9lb 2oz. Over the next 3 months lost another 5kg so weight less now than before I got pregnant.
Now pregnant with number 2, and also interested in if others think you put on more weight with the second bub?


Before my first son I weighed 57kg, i ballooned up to 80kg as i had pre-eclampsia so that was a23kg weight gain. He was born 6 pound (2740g).

Baby #2 I fell pregnant when DS1 was 4.5 months old, i weighed 67kg at the start of pregnancy and went up to 81kg so a 14kg weight gain but mind you i was still 10kg heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. He was born 6 pound 1 (2750g)...basically I don't think your weight gain really determines how big your baby will be.

I'm now currently pregnant with #3 and have gained already 12kg, i started at 66kg and am already up to 78kg, but then again this was a winter pregnancy so i didn't exercise as much as i did with the other 2. i'm hoping i don't gain too much more in the next 14.5 weeks. The midwife said that my baby is quite small though like the other 2.

Hi there smile
I gained 17kgs with my DS - he was born 2.9kgs (6pd 8oz)! I had little to no swelling......needless to say I was very disappointed that the rest was just me!! LOL!
[Edited on 18/09/2009]

With my first I put on 20kgs exactly (ended up 80kgs, and i'm very short, looked very funny!), DS was 7lb 14oz at birth.

I then lost the 20kgs plus another 2kgs as I was getting married just after he turned 1.

By the time I got pregnant again (4 months after the wedding) I had only put on 2kgs, so back to what I started at before the first pregnancy! I'm now 34 weeks, and have put on 13 kgs so far.

I'm not expecting to lose it all within a year this time, don't have my wedding to encourage me and last time i didn't have a toddler AND a baby to look after!
I think I gained around 9-10 kilos with my DS (I was 53kgs pre-pregnancy) and my DS was born 7 pounds 15. By the time he was one I was around 49kgs, I attribute this to all the toddler running around lol.

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