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Swine Flu Vaccine Lock Rss

I was just wondering if anybody is going to have this? I know that the government is encouraging all pregnant women to have it but I can't help feeling that we don't know the long term effects of the vaccine and what it will do to our babies.

My DH thinks I'm over-reacting a tad and that there would have been rigorous test procedures but it takes 9 months for a baby to grow, surely they haven't had enough time to test this properly?!?!?

I wouldn't have it if they paid me to. (Well actually it would depend how much they paid me LOL)

We all had a pretty mild dose of swine flu in our house and it really was no big deal.
I wouldn't have even said it was flu - it was just like a really bad cold for me.
The kids had high temps for a couple of days, but nothing more than that really.

As it is, the major bad symptoms of swine flu last about three days. The vaccine, providing you have it early enough, only knocks about one day off of that, so to me it's absolutely pointless and not worth the risk.

So... would I have it or any other flu vaccine? No way.
Not a chance. I would never have any vaccine in pregnancy let alone one that has been rushed through to appease the masses. Yes there has been testing - but only on a small number of healthy individuals. The real tests come when the masses are vaxed. Look at Gardasil.... rigorous testing, yet a huge number of teenagers have had major reactions or died. You also have to remember, they are wanting to vax for swine flu because they don't know if it will have a tail and stick around for a while, or whether it will mutate (and they are hoping the vax will protect a little if it does) - the same thing can happen with any other disease at any time.... Normal seasonal flu affects and kills a lot more people then swine flu does. They just don't report it on the radio everytime somebody keels over as it is normal.

So in short, no. I refuse to let my baby or myself be part of a worldwide experiment. I will not be scared into vaccinating.
[Edited on 22/09/2009]
I do plan on having the vaccine, but will still talk to my doctor about it next week as to when is the safest time for me to have it, eg after 12 weeks. The vaccine seems to be just like the normal yearly fluvax jab you can get, except this strain is H1N1. When they say that the elderly and pregnant women are at high risk its for good reason. When you look at the statistics some women have lost babies and women have died and left babies. That is enough of a reason for me to get it. Also the experts are tipping that cases of swine flu will pick at the start of next year when it is winter overseas and the number of people travel to Australia picks up.

lets face it the goverment has over stocked on a vacine that thay now have to answer to having so much in stock i was offered this 3 weeks ago and told them exactly what thay can do with it its a rushed vacine that has not been tested for long term side effects i dont think your over reacting
This is what my ob/gyn said "there is no way a pregnant women under my care is having any vaccination regardless of type". Therefore I will not be having the vaccine. He said that being pregnant our immune system is already suppressed enough without overloading it with a vaccine. But it is your decision in the end. The best thing to ask your doctor is if it was your wife and your baby what would you suggest.

Tiff, Vic. Isaac born 10/3/06 Number 2 due 3/2/10

There is no way I'm getting the vaccination. Time and time again we are reminded that we do not know everything when it comes to the body so I'm not going to risk it. I try to go through my pregnancy and life with as little 'human interference' as possible.
During my last pregnancy (now have 4 month old) i was exposed to a girl with swine flu. The doctor prescribed me with the swine flu vaccine, however after talking to a midwife i discovered that they haven't had extensive tests of this vaccine on pregnant women. So basically they think the vaccine is ok, but they are not 100% sure yet as there haven't been enough pregnant women exposed to the vaccine to come up with accurate statistics.

Based on that I made the decision to wait 24 hours and see how I felt and not take the vaccine. I was fine and in the end was really happy that i didn't take it. I just didn't want to risk taking a new drug and hurting bub.
Mum of 2 boys. 4 yrs and 4 months.
Goodness me it just gets all too confusing when your pregnant I think! I feel very strongly that you are the only person that can make a decision regarding your own body or family.

I am 20 weeks pregnant and had the fluvax (includes swine flu this year) two weeks ago(no ill effects), my babys anatomy scan was done last week and all is fine. I had gestational diabetes in my first pregnancy and it is likely to happen again with this one. My son was vac'd this morning (he is prone to febrile convulsions so I need to be vigilante about temps. It is not a decision I or my partner took lightly (he will have his this week as he had glandular fever as an adult and his immunity is always low).
I have been having fluvax for what I believe to be more than ten years as I worked in the mining industry (high exposure to everything) prior to babies and have never had any ill effects.

My GP, Obstretic GP and Obstretician all recommended that at the very least I have it if not the whole family (preffered).

Good luck and go with what feels right for you and your family, there will always be differences of opinion regarding vaccinations.
I agree MattsMa - you have to do what's right for you - everyone's situations are different.

I had the swineflu and flu vaccination last week with no problems - I am 14 weeks pregnant with baby number four and because I have 3 kids under the age of 4 going to kindy, music, gym classes etc and been exposed to lots of different kids I thought that there is no way that I want to put my baby at risk if I get swine flu - I am also a chronic asthmatic and don't want to risk getting sick myself either. So you had to go with what you feel is right.

I had a real scare with my little girl who has just turned one with the chickenpox in January - got them extremely extremely bad and was in hospital with them for days and she was really really sick (would never want to see her like that again) and I had asked about getting a vaccination for it the month previous as my other two older kids had them and the doctor was like oh its just the chickenpox she will be fine, all kids get the chickenpox with no problems - well anyway she got them so bad and if I had known what she was going to be like catching them I would of had her vaccinated in a heartbeat (I know it is a different vaccination but just letting you know that it is never a issue until it happens to you and then you spend the rest of the time wondering why you didn't get them vaccinated). I still regret it everyday with my girl not having her vaccinated, as she is really badly scarred and it was the worst thing been with her when she was so sick like that!!! Wouldn't wish it on anyone!!!!

Anyway just thought I would share my experiences with you all.

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Don't want to freak you out, but feel the need to pass on what I know. A friend of mine had the vaccine. She wasn't even pregnant, but had a severe reaction to it and ended up in a coma and the use of her legs was compromised. I agree that there is no way long enough testing could have been carried out so there is no way I or anyone in my family would ever have it.
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