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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome anyone?... Lock Rss


Have many of you experienced this in your pregnancies before?
I started waking in the night with numb, stiff, sore hands (and arms as far up as my elbows) with pins & needles in my fingers a few weeks ago. I mentioned it to my midwife, who's reply was "are your ankles swollen?" i guess she was more concerned about pre-eclampsia(?) (as my hands are swelling just slightly) & checked my bp which was perfect. (I'm seeing her again tomorrow so I think i'll bring it up again and ask about the safety of anti-inflamitry creams as opposed to tablets too).
I have heard a little about it before so I checked it out on the internet & all my symptoms point to this.
Apparently it affects 1 in 3 pregnancies, so its quite common & is ment to resolve itself within a couple of weeks after giving birth.
Stretching your hands, resting them and anti-inflammitries (which I will not take for babys sake)are supposedly the only way to help it and "to avoid the activity that irritates it" but its a bit hard to avoid sleep :-S !
With still another 5 wks till my due date, has anyone experienced it and found a way to help it at all?

Thanks! smile

Arna & Paije (29/09/04)

Hi well the awful carpal tunnel syndrome with my first pregnancy i suffered from it and it was horrible i couldnt use my whole arm until after i had my daughter and it took a few days for it to dissapear after i gave birth i am now pregnant with my second and i have had a few signs of it reappearing again this time and it is in the same arm as last time i just hope it dosent come as bad as last time it is a horrible thing but i dont think there is much u can do about it but put up with it anyway goodluck and hope everything goes well.
I have it too, I guess it doesnt help being a mad cross stitcher either. I am constantly waking with numb fingers or hands, and it seems for ever for the feeling to come back too. I remember the first time it happened on my left arm I thought I was having a heart attack.
Hope it gets better soon for us all

Kathy,VIC,Josh 8, Alex 7, Michael 1

Hi, thanks for your replies, I suspected there isnt a lot you can do for it.
I actually picked up my cross stitch the other night too (one of those that I have been doing on & off for 3 yrs!) and found that my hands were really stiff the next day, so I wont be filling my time with that when I finish work like I had hoped! Looks like cleaning the house instead :|
I find it is affecting both my arms, but both in completely different ways. I thought it was bubs that was ment to keep us awake at night now, not something like this grrr... :'(
Hopefully it will dissapear shortly after bubs gets here, at least it will have been worth the discomfort in the end grin
Good luck to you ladies too & I hope it doesnt cause too many hassles for you this time around!

Arna & Paije (29/09/04)

My Aunty had this- work related, not pregnancy. She wore special splinted wrist supports. Maybe this may be an option for you. It would be worth looking into furthar - it must be driving you crazy.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

I too have carpal tunnel syndrome which started when I was 23 weeks! Fortunately it has only affected me in my left hand, but can make some tasks difficult. I found just bandaging my wrist (instead of buying expensive splints) so that the movement was fairly restricted (but obviously not your circulation!) has helped enormously. I no longer wake up to numb sausage like fingers!! I have been reassured that the symptoms resolve themselves soon after the baby is born.
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