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Low in Iron - symptoms of taking iron supplements Lock Rss

A couple of weeks ago my doctor advised me that I was low in iron and needed to go onto Iron tablets. The Chemist gave me a brand called Ferograde C. A few days later I developed a slight itchy rash (at the time didnt think that it had anything to do with the tablets) I went to my local gp and she wasnt quite sure what it was, she thought it was hives or some sort of an allergy, anyway she said if they didnt dissapear soon to see my ob. Now for the last few days I have been having diarrhea, and have just started looking on the net about info on it, and it said that these can be rare reactions to it. So off to my chemist I go and the chemist assistant was completely useless and just said I should have been given those iron tablets as they are a high dosage, and gave me others to try.

I was just wondering If anyone else had these type of reactions to iron supplements?

I have bought a different brand., but will give it a couple of days rest and ring my ob on monday to check. Hopefully these awful reactions will dissappear.
HEy handsomecam.

I have been on iron tablets since befor i fell pregnant with my first daughter. As far as i know Ferograde C shouldn't have been given to you as you are pregnant, however there are some iron tablets that are specific tablets that you should have been given. I would suggest that you go to your doctor and talk to them first about how you had a reaction to the to the first tablets. Also have a break before you start any other iron tablets incase it is a result of having these tablets.

little monkeys


I haven't had those side effects, but have had the more traditional constipation which is also horrible.

We are all individuals and react differently. My midwife has suggested a change to caldoyl (i might have spelt that wrong) iron pills, which do give me much less trouble with side effects.

Your pharmacist should be able to tell you the proper name. Its perhaps worth a discussion with your ob anyway, as another option for getting the all important iron.
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