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Pilates Lock Rss

Hi, I'm interested in finding out about your views on Pilates during pregnancy. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have attended 3 classes so far. I'm wondering whether I would be able to continue when my tummy gets bigger.

Georgee, NSW.

Congratulations on your pregnacy!! How exciting!
I think its only best to continue with pilates or yoga if it is ment for pregnant women. I was doing pilates for a few weeks, but when I hit about 16 weeks it became to unformfy to lie on my tummy and do all the stretches, I was told by a lot of friends and yoga buffs to stop and find a class that specilizes in preggies. Aparently doing yoga or pilates for pregnant people really helps with the birth! I am yet to join my new class as I work the nights its on!
Good luck with everything! I am 27 weeks now are there is just so much to learn!!
another class to try would be Body Balance. ask at your local gym. i was doing pilates but the instructors suggested that i move to BB as regular pilates works the abdominals a little too much.

BB has varying positions for pregnancy as well

mum to ben 20/4/03, Riley 19/4/05, Megan 15/9/06 &

I currently do pilaties and plan to until 30 weeks. My instructor is pre/post natal trained and gives me all the different moves from the rest of the group.

I also do body balance once if not twice a week and i plan to continue this to term. The instructor is also pre/post natal trained and gives me the alternative moves.

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