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Spotting Lock Rss

Hi All,
Just wondering if any one has had the same experience as me? Monday night the 10th of April I wiped myself after going to the toilet and noticed a little bit of a bright red blood streak (it looks like a little piece of red string about 1 centimetre long if you know what I mean) in my normal discharge (I was 5 weeks preggers then) and ever since then it has continued to be like this (2 weeks today).
Depending on what I have done through the day to how much I get. Like, last thursday I went shopping and the blood (streaking) increased but then settled down to very little that night. On other days I'll have the tinest little bit in the morning but come that same day, lunch time it's gone to no blood what so ever and vice versa. Then for a few other days I have wiped myself a couple of times through one day and it's left a light pink staining on the toilet tissue.
I have never full on bleed and the four preggers tests I have done over the course of the last three weeks have each been very much positive. I am seven weeks preggers now (I'm guessing because I have not bleed full on at all yet). Nor have I had the courage to go to the doctors yet to see what he thinks. I am guessing by now though that if I was going to miscarry I would have, please help!!!
Thank You For Reading it All, I know it's long,

I spotted on and off for 2 weeks from about 6 weeks preg to 8 weeks, one night it was a little heavier than just spotting so i went to the hospital the next day. All was fine, I was just told to take it easy and they called it a threatened abortion. I found it increased the more I exercised (eg housework etc), so I just rested more. Anyway I am now 30 weeks pregnant with a healthy girl.

Doctors dont know why some women bleed...some put it down to hormones or implantation bleeding. You are probably fine, but if it continues I'd still go see the doctor for peace of mind...altho then again even tho I had 2 ultrasounds before I was 12 weeks...I still wasnt completely at peace until I saw my bubs and her heart beat at 12 weeks.
Hi Belinda,

Oh sweetie my heart goes out to u!!! i know exactly what u are feeling, i bled from 3 weeks up until 12 weeks and at one stage i had t days of really heavy bright red blood loss, i remember one night i went to the toilet and the loo bowl was bright red from blood loss.. I had countless HCG checks and at 7 weeks had a scan and everything was fine, i was told if a babies heartbeat is detected at this early stage then there is a 95% chance that bubs will be fine. I had another slight bleed at 16 weeks and.

My ob/gyn seems to think that bubs had attatched itself to close to a blood vessel so everytime it moved it would bust the vessel, i was told i would continue to bleed until the vessel had bled itself dry. I was led to believe that its the brownish blood that should cause concern not bright red..

Well the good news is i am now 18 weks and had my scan last week and there was bubs dancing up a storm.
Hope this has put your mind at ease a little but please, please go see a dr they should be able to send u for a scan if u are 7 weeks..

Take care let us know how u get on. xxxxxx

Hi Belinda,

I first noticed I was spot bleeding at the gym at 6 weeks preg. I had an ultrasound at 7 wks and was told I have twins. My bleeding continued from 6 weeks to 13 weeks. It's stressful isn't it!

Talk to your doctor and get an ultrasound to be sure everything is O.K. My bubs are now 1.


Glad things have eased off for you!

I had the same thing and they attributed it to implantation bleeding after sending me for ultrasounds and other tests. I havent had any since.

it's so scary when you read up online about it because all i was getting was worst case scenarios when thankfully in this case it was a-okay. I dont envy those that have it harder though.

Best bet is a trip to the doc and my doc gave me an urgent appointment and then had me in for an urgent ultrasound so thankfully didnt have to wait long to find out!

How is it going now for you ladies that experienced the spotting?

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