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Exercise in 1st trimester - with previous m/c Lock Rss

I'm 5 weeks and have had a previous m/c 4 months. I'm very active and have been jogging for a few months now. I've heard that you're supposed to take it easy with exercise if you've had a previous m/c so I'm not sure. I've been doing a 3.82km run/jog for the last 6 fortnights and due for my finals this week. Should I go ahead?
DUsually during pregnancy exercise is very good, but after a miscarriage i would probably slow it down especially till 12 weeks. In your case i woulod be ringing your dr and asking if it's safe to be jogging.. they would probably know a bit more. If it were me i'd probably not be doing it as it's better to be safe than sorry, and i'd be devastated if anything were to happen as a result of the jog.
But maybe a chat to your dr or a midwife will help.

Thanks for that. I've decided not to do it; better safe than sorry. Our team is coming in 2nd place anyway so I'm happy with that. smile
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