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Good old Stretchmarks... Rss

I thought I would start this topic which affects alot of ppl & see what we are trying to keep our bumps in good condition.
Someone has suggested to me to try Rosehip Oil & Cream for stretchmarks. It comes highly recommended for use on scars but it also is ment to help with skin elasticity & helps to repair the tissue.
To help keep them at bay them until now I have been a using a cocoa butter + vit e oil along with a cocoa butter cream which I thought was doing the trick, but in just the last 2-3 weeks my hubby has pointed out the new stretchmarks I cant see :'( on my lower tummy (here I was thinking yay! its working! but he had to burst my bubble tongue )
I am trying the Renew Rosehip oil cream which says to rub their oil on first, then put the cream over (shop was out of stock so am trying the cream by itself at the moment). My grandmother has tried this product on my grandfather, (at 85 he was complaining about his skin!) & found that his scars from the war & stretchmarks from his recent weightloss have faded considerably, so an aunt tried it a few months after an op (was warned not to used it on "fresh" scarring from her op) & she thought it was great.
I have only seen this product in a couple of shops here in NZ, but you can see their products at
It will be interesting to see if it fades my existing ones smile
What are you trying on your skin?

Arna & Paije (29/09/04)

Hi Tweet_e

In my first pregnancy someone gave me a tub of the Body Shop Nut Body Butter as a gift and it was marvellous. I rubbed it on my tummy, arms and legs everyday after a shower. Through the whole pregnancy I only got 3 or 4 stretch marks and they were on my breasts cos they expanded so much! I had none on my tummy at all! I have just started to use it for this pregnancy and hopefully it does the same thing for me this time.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Thanks Kristi,

I noticed a lot of products tell you to apply the cream straight after bathing, I wonder if that has a big part in helping out.
Well, I guess there is probably no way of stopping them completely, but at least we can try!


Arna & Paije (29/09/04)

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