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Anyone ride horses Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone else here rides horses.

I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and still riding my horse, I figured since I have already done 2 horse trials (eventing - dressage, showjumping and cross country) when I didn't know I was pregnant that I would continue until I didn't feel safe or felt unbalanced or just plain can't get on! That would be a great look wouldn't - horse standing there thinking what the hell is she trying to do!!

I feel completely safe on my horse and am only doing dressage (having to wear extremely supportive bra though esp for canter work, stupid boobs) and hacking out.

Have been asked when I will stop riding and I just say when I don't feel safe.

Pam, mum to Micah born 27/11/06

hey, i ride horses, i was doing ribbon days (flat only) up untill i was 6months. im 37weeks now and i rode a horse just afew weeks ago(walked and trotted)

getting on is the easy bit, getting off is the hard part.

i was jumping up untill 3-4months i think, my last comp tho my horse refused to get out of the start box for XC people say she knew and didnt want to hurt me.

i still feel totally safe on a horse, i still have all my balance.

i know of afew people that have gone into labour on a horse. :S
I also live in NZ and also have horses. I am 12 weeks pregnant but have stopped riding. Partly because I was pregnant at the end of last year and I was in a competion and had decided that that was going to be my last. I felt completly safe on my horse but unfortunately something happened ouside of my control with another horse and rider where they crashed into the back of my horse which sent my horse leaping sideways and because I wasn't expecting it I slid off. I didn't hurt myself although I did have a little bruising in my chest. Unfortunately I miscarried with that baby. Not sure if it was related or not but decided that even if I am on a safe horse there are unforeseen circumstances out there. I miss riding but my gelding is now out on trial with rop. I only have my mare and a couple of yearlings at home at the moment so I go out and see them all and spend time grooming etc.

I know a girl who was doing endurance competions up until about 6 weeks before she was due and was out riding again a couple of weeks after the baby was born.

I think it all comes down to what you feel comfortable doing.

I really miss it and can't wait until I will be back in the saddle.

Chch, NZ - Boy & EDD 13/11/08

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