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Overeating Lock Rss

I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that eats and eats constantly. I know it sounds stupid being pregnant and eating more duh... but I think that I eat too much. I kept track of my daily eating habits and it turns out that I am eating every hour sometimes in between, and most of the time Im not even that hungry. Is this just a comfort thing for me?. Im 26 weeks and apart from me eating huge amounts, Im constantly eating rubbish foods with loads of sugar in them. Im not a big person actually quite tiny, but have a rather large really disgusting appetite. Just wondering if anyone else is the same?

Baby Due Soonish

Hi Sasha

I'm only 12 weeks but I've been eating loads too. Right now its to keep the morning sickness at bay but I know that it can become a habit as with my first baby I ate so much bad food that I gained over 30kg and being only 5 foot and already a little plump it was not a good look! Fortunately it dropped off quite quickly but that doesn't happen to everyone and I doubt it will happen to me again.

I would suggest trying to only eat if you are actually hungry rather than just because its something to do and being really picky about what you eat so that you know its good for you and baby. Its hard to do but it'll be worth it in the end when you're trying to lose the weight!

Also, there will come a time and it won't be far away when eating too much at any one time with be impossible as your baby starts to take up the space that your stomach normally occupies! You may find that smaller meals more often is the only way to go when you get to that point.

Mum to Caitlin & Owain


my boy is 9months now but wen i was pregnant with him i ate soooooo much ! constantly. my brother usually eats a lottt of food....but i ate him under teh table haha.
i put on over 30 kg's but have basically lost it all but have many stretchmarks to show for it..if i could do things over i wouldn't have eaten sooo much ! i guess i just enjoyed about being allowed to eat what i liked withouht "society" thinkin of me as a pig...but instead just a healthy pregnant lady. i think its that its teh one time in ur life that u can eat what u like without being judged or without feeling guilty for it.
i hope ur pregnancy is going well and i wish u alll the best .

danni xxxx

Danni, WA,

I know how you feel... just ate a huge meal of KFC, which normally would never do, and now thinking of the next meal! To pull myself to my senses, I thought I would start to write it down & count the calories & grams of fat hoping the feeling of guilt which snap me out of my wicked ways. I have resorted to having loads of fresh fruit on hand and good quality chocolate. My next goal is to work it all off, but how do you do that when just thinking about it make you tired & head for the couch?

theona, nsw, first timer

Hi smile

I can relate to what you're going through, i cant stop eating either! Its like i have this unstoppable hunger. I am not worrying about it though, I mean im pregnant and if my baby wants food then Im going to feed her lol think of it that way, and if you do put on a few kilos there is plenty of time for dieting after you have the baby.

The first two trimesters i had i had no appetite at all and basically had to force myself to eat, but since ive entered the 3rd trimester i can't stop eating at all, think the baby is storing up her fat supplies or something.

Im craving sugary stuff as well which is a problem cos it can effect your teeth so im trying to eat a peice of fruit or something when i crave any junk.

bec xo
I also ate far too much junkie foods as I am a fussy eater and don't really like vegies and red meat, seafood etc. I only put on 13kg including a 4.45kg (9lb 13oz) baby and I was only a size 8 (57kg) before pregnancy. After birth lost almost all the weight bar 2kg but I kept eating large portions because I was used to it. Weight crept back on now 15 months later still 7kg away from goal weight and I have been going to the gym and adjusting meals sizes, drinking water, eating better etc. Weight not budging with variations between 62.8kg-64.5kg. Best to think about adjusting eating after baby so you don't continue to eat like me and stack weight on after losing it.

Cheers, Jodie

Hayden born 12-2-2005

Hi Sasha,

I just came across your post - i eat every half hour - even if it is something small. I feel that if I don't eat I will be sick. I'm complately over my morning sickness have been for about 2 months but still have that need to eat something. I've put on 6 kilos already and i'm only just over 4 months...

My otherhalf who is double my size calls me the eating machine. I eat more than he does.. It's scary actually

Kel xx

Kellie, NSW Lucas born on the 16th October

Well, it's 5.30 am and can't sleep cos of very bd back, so am sitting at computer, e-mailing home (uk), eating snack sized crunchies with a cup of tea....wondering why I bothered to buy snack size when I have just eaten 4 ...may as well have bought the king size ones and had done....hope my hubby doesn't wqake surrounded by empty wrappers.

I never thoughtmy apetite could get bigger! I always used to eat the same amount of food as my hubby, and he is a foot taller than me, but now it's fair to say I eat more than him for every meal, and seem to need 3 bowls of cereal just to get going in the morning. I think I have been lucky so far and have only put on 8kilos, and have 10 weeks to go...but who knows what can happen in 10 weeks...I am now having another crunchie whilst worrying about being a bloater...ha ha....oh well!
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