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Hi there, I took the Blackmores Pregnancy and BF one for all 3 of my pregnancies, it's a pre-pregnancy supplement too so you could take it while TTC along with your folate, and then I continued using it while BF. I'm not sure how much it is, if you keep your eyes out at Woolies quite often the big 180 bottle would be on special, and I'd grab a couple then, but I think it works out to around $1 or less per day, which is pretty economical really smile
Yes it does but I always took a 0.5mg tablet as well, as my friend has a SB child so I've always been extra aware and taken it for months before conceiving. Oh another tip if you're planning to take them - once you're UTD, if you suffer from morning sickness, take them AFTER you've chucked for the day. There is nothing worse than feeling sick, then hurling up fish oil. That taste stays in your mouth and nose ALL DAY lol.
Definitely if you're TTC, especially the folate. It's recommended that folate be taken for 3 months before conception, and the Blackmores one is a multi as well as a pregnancy supplement, so is a good start anyway smile Good luck with TTC x
I've always used the Blackmores pregnancy one because it contains Iodine which is good for babies brain development and it's meant to be more gentle on the stomach then Elevit.

Good luck smile

There's also Blackmores Conceive Well Gold, which is $35, and the Blackmores Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding Gold is $39.50 for 180 tablets, both at Big W smile

The Conceive Well gold has 28 tablets of 2 different types of tablets, so I guess its for the month before you try to conceive. So I'd say the Pregnancy and BF ones would be a better choice now. Good Luck smile]

Do you have a chemist warehouse near you? They sell the 100 pack of elevit for just under $50.00. I like the elevit, as it has all you need (so no need to take folate as well, elevit is the only pregnancy multivit that has the recommended daily amount of folate), it is a tastless tablet, and a once a day formula.

I know from experience with morning sickness that elevit was the best for me at the time. Smaller tab than most and only had to take the one. No Taste.

You also take elevit from the day you try to concieve up until the day you stop breastfeeding. My doc tells me that it is the best alrounder you can take.
i took blackmores i-folic (about $20) while TTC then up until 12 weeks pregnant. i then switch to the blackmores pregnancy and bf gold which i get in the 180 pack for $40 from the discount chemist, it lasts a trimester so i only have to buy 2 packs the whole pregnancy.

you shouldn't take more than 500micrograms of folate a day, unless under dr's orders (such as if you have a risk of having a SB baby). the blackmores preg & bf gold contains 250 micrograms per tablet and you take 2 per day.

I have heard that Blackmores is actually better than Elevit & cheaper!! Clever marketing on behalf of Elevit!!
[Edited on 12/02/2010]

elevit made me feel sick I took it for a couple of months, until it run out.
I am on blackmores and It really helps me!! I have been taking it since I had my 1st son back in nov 08.

Goodluck with testing!!

When I start trying for another bub I will definitely go for the Blackmores ones. They are usually so much cheaper, and the only time I ever had 'morning sickness' with Koby, was when I took an Elevit tablet. Could never keep them down, not matter what I tried.

I took elevit last time, they to a wonderful marketing job LOL.

I did more research this time and am taking Blackmores. It contains iodine (which is lacking in most women's diets and very important) and elevit does not. Bonus is it is cheaper! It does make me nauseous, but that is easy fixed by taking it just before bed, rather than in the morning.

I took the conceive well one for a few months, then decided it was waste of money and just switched to the pregnancy and bf one. Turns out I was already preg anyway smile

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