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Hi ladies,

I'm currently 23 weeks along with baby number 1, and just wondered if anyone else has or is experiencing back problems this early on?

I accidentally rushed around too much a couple of weeks ago, bent down to moisturise my legs and then pretty much couldn't straighten myself out again. Had to lie flat for a hideous amount of time until I could manage to move, then was in pain every time I tried to sit down/get up/bend down and sometimes even just taking a few steps was agony. It was hideous! I took it really easy for a week and was so careful about bending down etc which seemed to really help and all seemed fine again.

Then today - PING! It's like someone has a pair of garden shears and is trying to sever my tail-bone when I walk about!

Not sure if it's related but I've also been having real trouble sleeping because of uncomfy back too, but just thought that was 'cos of always trying to sleep on my left side..even rolling over in bed seems to spark off pain-twinges!

I was expecting an achey back later on, but not this early!
Anyone else had or having the same???

I feel like I'm broken!!


I am only about 7-8wks and already (it started yesterday) have lower back pain and hip pain ... it's horrible ... last night I was sooo sore I could barely walk ... and I thought it was okay after a sleep, but then approx 4pm today it hit me again. I hope you're feeling better! I did actually speak to my neighbour who has recently had a bub and she said she got it too really bad, but her's hit in the second trimester ... so I suppose we are all different, so I wish you luck! Maybe you could try a chiro that specialises in pregnancy? I was thinking about it, but don't wanna risk it til I'm over the 12 wk mark smile
Hi Emma

I'm 23 weeks and have had back pain for the last 2 weeks on my right side. It feels like it is in my hip and I can't move properly.

I've been to the physio a couple of times, and she has instructed me not to sit on the floor or the lounge to watch tv but to sit in a high backed dining chair - I'm not very good with this instruction, but she also told me to practice my pelvic floor exercises.

So I'm working on those, and am also starting pre-natal yoga to help with the stretching and I may start doing walking laps (granny laps) in the pool.

I hope this helps you, the pain sux hey!

Take care
Hi Emma

I'm also 23 weeks I have back pain too and this is my first child.

I used to do hairdressing and hurt my back lifting some trays and it hasn't been the same since. If I move the wrong way or lift the wrong thing it feels like its pinching I have been to the docter and he has sent me to a physio but most physio's will only work on you while your in your second trimester. My physio said its all part and parcel of being pregnant and the pain won't stop until baby comes and because of the relaxient hormone that is released while pregnant it is easy to hurt yourself because everything is softning to stretch for your baby.

But while physio relieves some of my pressure the best thing that I have found is WATER WALKING its heaven it takes all the pressure off your body and by the time you get home you conk out from exhaustion.
You can also sit in the spa for a little bit however they only recommend it for 10 mins or less because it can bring on labour when your closer to your due date.

I also have the back pain in bed too, and you can get body pillows which im going to be investing in soon.
I get up fustrated some nights

Let me know how you get on smile

Hi I'm 18 weeks and have just started getting lower back pains on the right side it's sooooo frustrating as I wok full time standing for 9 hours a day but will definitely try the water exercises thanks for the info about that:)
Hi all,

Im 24 weeks with my first child and i too get back pain. Mine started at 3weeks pregnant and has gotten worse through the pregnancy. At first, i was getting twinges in my right hip everytime i tried to roll over in bed, now i struggle to pull myself up if i lay on the couch. I get lower back pain all day and night and have trouble walking sometimes, and at work its even worse as i work 9hr days and are on my feet and standing in the same spot all day.
I've complained alot to my midwife and she has shown me a few exeercises that help with the pain for like a haalf an hour then it creeps back again. Ask your midwife or GP if they have any advice to help with the pain or if you should go to physio.

Good luck
I had backpain early on probably around the same time as you. Basicly if I wasn't lying flat I wasn't comfortable. Just go see your dp to make sure its nothing serious smile
HI Emma,

Im 25 weeks now with my second bub and have been experiencing this as well, it feels like my bones are dislocated around my tail bone and hips or something is twinging a nerve. I had the same with number one as well and remember it starting fairly early on too. The only good thing is that it comes and goes, i will have good and bad days, the night always seems to be worse. Sometimes the first few steps after getting up are almost impossible! Feel like an old lady! But its kinda like everything is stiff and then it loosens up the more i move, but saying that it always seems worse after a big day of cleaning, or even just a little bit more than i am used to doing. But i dont get relief from laying flat like some others have said which sucks!

Hope it eases up for you soon, guess you better take it easy as you said.

Thinking of you xx
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