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chicken pox and pregnancy Lock Rss

so i just got a bfp... a child not in my children's room at daycare has chickenpox so there is a notice up.
yesterday my sis called me around to look at her ds who had spots.. i said could be its going around... she just rang to say chemist said yep most likely chicken pox...

i know there is a risk of harm.. but do i need to see a dr? or is there anything i can do? i was only at sis house for 15mins yesty and don't know if my kids have been in contact with the other child at daycare... i also work so can't keep them home sad

any ideas.. thanks.. back to work now will check later

I would make an appointment with your Dr, just to let them know that you've possibly been exposed to it and what they suggest..

Good luck!!

Oh and I got a BFP with DD1 just after I had got chicken pox... not sure if it's really relevant but we're all good here smile

You generally only need to see a Dr if you've never had Chicken pox before or if you're susceptible to them (Some people can have them more than once)
If you're unsure if you've ever had them definitely go to the Dr! Chicken pox during pregnancy can be very dangerous. So maybe go anyway. I'm pretty sure you can get a blood test done to check your immunity.

As for your children, it's likely they will get them unfortunately.. It's in your system for 2 weeks before the blisters appear while the virus incubates and can be contagious anywhere from 1 to 5 days before they appear. Only once they've crusted over is the virus dead.
It's contracted through saliva (so being coughed or sneezed on by someone with chicken pox is a good way to get them) and direct contact with the blisters.. So, really, it's as easy to catch as a cold unfortunately.

Hope this helps and GL with it!!

Hi there..

Hopefully everything worked out well for you and you didnt get the chicken pox!

I am going through the same thing at the moment... We have some friends come up to stay with us from interstate for 2 weeks.. 2 days after they got here there 10 year old got the chicken pox!

I knew I had them as a child but being 13 weeks pregnant i still wanted to double check and went to the docs this morning and he tested my immunity. Just called me then to say I am immune which is a huge relief. My 22 month old DS has had the vaccination but have bee told its only about 70 percent effective. At least I know if he gets them now I can look after him. But fingers crossed he doesnt!
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