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Getting too fat!!!! Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I am after a bit of advice! mellow

I am approx. 16 weeks pregnant with my second child, when i fell pregnant i was still bigger than my normal weight as my son was only 9 months old and i hadn't lost all the weight from my first pregancy.

I am a very fit and active person, but i still put on 20+ kilos when i was pregnant with my son (he was over 4kgs of that).

I have already gained 7 kilos this time round and i am worried that not only am i putting on too much weight but i will have another huge baby (i don't think i would survive a baby any bigger than my son, i was stiched from top to bottom if you know what i mean) sad

We live out of town so going to a gym is not possible for me, but i do get alot of exercise at home and i eat pretty well except the odd treat but i am not eating junk food all day or anything.

I am so unsure about what to do and i hate to admit it is getting me down sad , i know it sound silly but i feel i have to do something!

Thanks for any advice in advance
Cass smile
I wouldn't worry too much about it - in the words of my OB, "what are you going to do about it? You can't diet!" I'm 22weeks now & put on 10kgs (this is my second pregnancy too - I put on 17kgs in total with DS & still had 3kgs to lose when I fell pregnant again). I'm not stressing about it this time - I'm eating much better than I did with DS & even though I don't go to the gym, I'm more active running around after a toddler! I've heard stories of women with bad morning sickness who STILL gain 25+kgs & others who eat like a horse & eat crap & only gain 10kgs in total!! I've kind of come to the conclusion now that as long as you're eating right most of the time, your body is going to do what it needs to do & there's not much we can do about it. Just focus on bubs smile PS. DS was only 6pd8oz born & I was enormous! I carry quite big, so I don't think maternal size actually has much to do with baby size at all. Just my thinking!! wink Hope I've made you feel slightly better smile

Hey, you've hardly put any of this time so far!
I put that much on in the first 7-8 weeks alone, but end up putting on about 16kg by week 40. It usually takes me about 6-7 months to lose it all.
I don't think there is a link between how much weight you put on and how much your baby weighs. I put on exactly the same amount of weight each pregnancy and their weights were:

Just keep your food intake healthy and do walking for excercise and take care of the weight after bub is born, you will lose it easier 2nd time around too smile You have another to chase around!

don't worry about your weight for now smile

Hey Girls,

Thanks for your support and kind words. As far as the size of the baby goes i can see your point, i am just so scared this one is going to be another whoopa!!!!! (i was not cut out to deliever a 9 pound baby).

I went out for another walk this morning when i put DS#1 down for a sleep, but today i was too drained and had to come back and have a nap instead (not very good for my excercise program).

I don't know if part of my problem may also be that i don't have a support network around me, my friends and family all live very far away and my hubby is always at work now that i don't bring in a income. So my days revolve around DS#1 routine and because it has been winter we have not been able to get outside as much as i would like. Maybe with the warm weather coming this will improve.

Thank you again for your support.

I'm now 17 weeks and have gained 7 kilos too, even though I vowed I wouldn't gain so much weight this time. I just have to look at food and I put on weight!
Im 26 wks pregnant with my 4th baby and I've put on nearly 14kg blink this time round i have been at the gym 3 days a week and trying really hard to eat well - but i think my body just has other plans!!

My 1st bub i put on 30kg - she was only 3.1kg, 2nd i put on around 28kg - she was 3.6kg, then the last one I put on around 18kg - and he was 4.1kg!!

I am normally quite small, around 60kg, so I absolutely feel your pain... its so frustrating when you just have to look at food and it adds a kilo on the scales laugh

Im beginning to believe that your body just does what it wants when its pregant... and in my case it stores EVERYTHING i eat grin
Hi Girls,

I am sooooo hearing you!! (Joyciebug i too vowed not to gain as much this time around but i just doesn't work like that for me), but i am starting to feel better about the whole weight thing, i am now just thinking well there is nothing i can do about it so i best go with the flow. Hopefully i will not be the size of a elephant by the time i have this bub.

Bec don't worry i store everything too, i think my body must believe i am going to stop eating so it must store every bit of fat i see let alone eat.


How are you all feeling in general with your pregnancies?? i know it is supposed to be the most wonderful time in your life but truthfully i hate being pregnant!
I had already forgotten so much about my last pregnancy: heartburn, back sleeping, aches and pains in areas i don't want to mention but now it is all coming back too me.

Hope you are all well.

At my 30 week appt I had put on 8kgs since falling pregnant. Im trying to work out how much more weight I will put on by the end of the 40 weeks. Im hoping I dont exceed the 15kgs mark.
Having said all this Ive eaten such bad food during this pregnancy and have hardly exercised so Im surprised I havent put on more!

I wish I could ditch the scales however my OB insists on weighing me at every appt sad

I havent exactly enjoyed my pregnancy either. The only thing I enjoy is feeling the little guy kick. Im currently suffering from sciatic pain when I walk so I am slightly over being pregnant and just want the little guy to hurry up and grow and stack on the weight so he will be healthy. But I must be patient smile

I feel all your pain...

Im 17 weeks and i reakon ive gained about 7 kgs since falling sad

I feel like the biggest blimp ever, cant wait too have bubs so i can focus on looking and feeling goood!
I know you're not supposed to diet while pregnant, but IMO do not ditch the scales.

I was seeing an OB at the start of my pregnancy with DS and was being weighed every visit. Then when I lost my job and went public (ie midwives), I wasn't weighed once! It was only about 3 weeks after giving birth that I finally weighed myself and realised I must've gained approx 35kg while pregnant as the scales showed I was still 25kg heavier than pre-preg (DS was 4.51kg at birth and I figure placenta, fluid, weight loss in first 3 weeks, etc... must've been at least 5.5kg).

I'd like to think had I known I was gaining so much weight, I would've done something about it. Like made better food choices and walked more. I still have 13kg to lose 9 months later and am dreading getting pregnant again until I am at least within 5kg of start weight.
Hi everyone,

I am 15 weeks and i have gained about 6kgs. Im not to concerned i actually thought i would have gained more seens my morning sickness was so horrible i was eating heavy foods every two hours just to stop the nausea. i was so sick of eating by the end... I am so excited about having this baby i feel there is nothing more important to me than a healthy baby and all scans so a healthy baby .i figure i am just going to have to work a little harder to loose the excess kgs after the birth...... ( i am so excited to be a mum...

grin grin grin
I've been wondering about this myself. With my first baby I must have gained at least 35kg, I am terrified of doing it again if/when we have another baby. I didn't struggle too much with losing most of the weight (The baby weighed 4.6kg (10lb 6oz) and the plecenta was 1kg!) as it seemed to be mostly water weight. It was crazy, I lost about 22kg in two weeks after the baby was born. The main reason I wouldn't want to do it quite the same way again was that hauling myself around was physically exhausting and it took about 4 months for my knees to stop hurting.
Anyway, what I have been thinking is that although you are supposed to eat slightly more than normal, if you already eat way too much (as I have a habit of doing tongue) then theoretically you should eat less than now, but more than what you need to stay the same! It all sounds way too complicated. Plus I have no idea how to go about preventing water retention...
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