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Getting too fat!!!! Lock Rss

WOW reading all your posts is DEPRESSING haahahahaha NO just kidding. WEll when I first fell pregnant, in 10 weeks I put on 10 kilos gasp I am now 24 weeks and in total since falling pregnant have put on 15 kilos, so an additional 5! I know I am too big and have gained too much, but I am not going to stress about it, I have bigger issues to tackle than weight.
WOW 10kgs in 10 weeks, now i feel alot better now thanks, lol. smile
I am now at about 8kg gained, but i don't think it is the weight that scares me so much as the fact i am scared this baby is going to be bigger than my son.

When i went into labour with my son i was very postive about it and about what was going to happen, and OMG did i get a rude shock!!!!! But i do have to admit the midwives afterwards did say that it was a pretty extreme labour and that next time it should not be so difficult, but i just can't seem to shake the fear of going through it all again with a bigger baby. (sorry to any first time mums who read that)..... sad

I too ate alot when i had morning sickness, it seemed to be the only way to feel better.

I didn't have any water retention with my first (so i have no idea what that would be like), but i think i gained about 32kgs in total with him and it did make it bloody hard to get around in the last month or so, but it wasn't really that hard to lose the weight even though i still had 7 kgs to go when i fell pregnant this time.

Of course the most important thing is having a healthy baby and everything after that is a distant second. grin


WOW 10kgs in 10 weeks, now i feel alot better now thanks, lol. smile

Glad I could make you feel better hehehehe grin Thankfully my weight gain has settled, 25 weeks and in total 15 kilos, what are the chances I only put on a further 5 kilos for the remainder of the pregnancy? FAT CHANCE I SAY hahahahahaha OH dear I have to laugh about.
I think laughing about it is the way to go, as there is not much more we can do..........
Great to hear your weight gain has slowed smile !

Now when i get down about my weight i just remind myself why it is happening and i know it will be all worth while once my little bubba is born.

Hope you are all keeping well in your pregnancies.

I dont' feel too bad. With DD#1 I gained 11kg in total. I never got back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 71kg always hovering around 74kg. I am now 8 weeks pregnant with #2 and I was weighed at 6.5 weeks by the OB and have put on approx 4kg already. I was hoping to only put on the same amount as with DD#1, I dread thinking how much weight I will eventually put on.

I am already wearing maternity clothes as all of my old clothes are just too uncomfortable to wear.
Well i think i am up to about 10kgs gained now, but not feeling so bad about it (only when i look in the mirror)lol. smile

Still trying to excercise and eat well but sometimes i just can't be bothered, i.e. i ate a whole pizza for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!! unsure OMG that sounds so bad now i wrote it down.

It can be quiet funny sometimes i forget i am pregnant again and then i try to move a certain way and the huge belly is there to remind me.
Hi ladies, just wondering if anyone else is having the opposite problem? I was already carrying extra weight from my first pregnancy and now at 21 weeks have not put on ANY weight? Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining as I seem to be creating a very healthy baby boy and am eating properly etc but just hoping someone may have had a similar experience as even though my doctor has told me there is nothing to worry about I cant help thinking it is a little odd? Sorry to hijack this thread didn't see the point of starting a whole new one tongue
ohhh how i love this thread smile makes me feel so much better that there are other people the same as me!! my weight gain has slowed a bit now... 29 weeks and i've put on about 15kg total grin not fantastic but hey its better than the last couple of months!!

Does any one else get the 'wow your HUGE!!' comments when asked how long you have to go?? I tell you what, ive had my fair share of these this week! I dropped my little girl off at Kindy last Friday and one of the teachers just blurts out "Wow havnt you got nice and fat.... in a good way!!!" blink hmmmm pretty sure there's no good way of telling a pregnant woman she looks fat grin

Ohhhh the joys!!! Think this will be the last one for me!!
Hi Everyone,

Bec123- Oh yeah, i am still only 20W 3D and i already get 'WOW when are you due' lol.
I am now up to about 11kgs gained (i think i am trying to break a new record)
I sometimes get really worried about the whole weight thing, but i just think i am going to have to work my butt off (literally) after bub is born because no matter what i do the weight just seems to keep coming.

Miracle23- Can't say i know how you feel because i really dont, but OMG that is great, wish i was like you!! How much extra weight were you carrying from your first pregnancy, maybe that has something to do with the fact you have not gained any yet! or maybe you are just lucky.
Either way go with it as long as bubs is growing well than that is wonderful.

Hope you are all well


P.S. it is a really bad idea to buy any magazines like womensday or new idea, as they always have famous pregnant women in there who are at there due date and only look about 20 weeks pregnant.

Does any one else get the 'wow your HUGE!!' comments when asked how long you have to go??

HMMMMM I get this "OHHHH how long now a week or two?" Im due 28 January laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh So yeah I get the same thing "GEE you have GROWN sooo much" blah blah blah
I put on a heap of weight when I was pregnant, and am still loseing it now. I remember rubing my tummy where all the stretch marks were, thinking how beautiful it was, as they were created by my angel inside. My DH thought the same. When I look at pregnant women now, they all look beautiful!!!
Hi all,

I hear you all... I've put on about 15kg - probably more now, but i've got bubs measuring 4 weeks ahead, so he's measuring at full term essentially, so i'm very sick of the wow, not long to go now calls. I just humour people and say, yeah not long now...

My ob isn't worried about my size at all, so i'm not worried, but to be honest, i haven't enjoyed being pregnant at all, but am very looking forward to meeting my little man.

Above all, remember, everyone's pregnancies are different, and it doesn't matter if you're a bit bigger now!

Jen xx
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