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Getting too fat!!!! Lock Rss

i gained 17kg with my first but lost 9kg in the first week after she was born. im currently 35 weeks with bub #2 and have only gained 11kg. i was not a very small person to begin with (82kg). i think every pregnancy is different. i say just go with the flow and enjoy it. we all have an excuse to gain weight after all!

Hi everyone,

I am 15 weeks and i have gained about 6kgs. Im not to concerned i actually thought i would have gained more seens my morning sickness was so horrible i was eating heavy foods every two hours just to stop the nausea. i was so sick of eating by the end... I am so excited about having this baby i feel there is nothing more important to me than a healthy baby and all scans so a healthy baby .i figure i am just going to have to work a little harder to loose the excess kgs after the birth...... ( i am so excited to be a mum...

grin grin grin

I sound just like you, am 14.5 weeks, have gained 4kgs and started showing really early (like at 10 weeks)even my partner mentioned I my be eating abit much. But I'm eating only really healthy food even if it is every 2 hours to stop the nausea. And as I can't run due to siatic pain I swim every day. I am hoping my fitness will help me to lose the extra weight when baby arrives.
I am 31wks pregnant i have gestation diabetes i have been told my bubba is big already since 27wks

i have only put on 9 kilos so far i am happy don't care to put on much more only got 6wks 6 days left to go till i meet my bubba smile smile smile
Hi All,

Well last week we found out we are having another little boy!!!!!
to tell you the truth i was quietly hoping for a little girl, but it does not really matter as long as he is healthy....

Mychoice- the only thing that has kept me sane through this pregnancy is knowing that at the end i will have a beautiful little bub. I just feel sooooooooo big and i know i should be enjoying it but it is just so hard.

Jen P- i too have not enjoyed being pregnant!!!! i love being a mum though it is the greatest thing i have ever done!!!! just a pity it take 9 months of crap to get there.


With my first pregnancy I gained 30kgs!! Nothing was ever mentioned by my GP or the midwives (I did the shared care thing). I am now 15 weeks pregnant with Baby 2 and I am now under an OB. He has got me walking as much as possible (usual 3 times a week at least) and I have only gained 1.6kgs, so far. Although you are not allowed to diet when pregnant, this time around I am making a real effort to make better food choices and I think that is making all the difference.
I have to say that I wasn't concerned about my weight gain the first time round until I was trying to lose it afterwards smile At the end of the day as long as you and the baby are healthy thats all that really matters!
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