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Had my 20 week appt with Dr and he told me that everytime I have gone in to see him my blod pressure is really high ... he wouldnt say much more than that except that over the next two weeks i would have to go in every second day to get it checked out ...

What could high blood pressure be? Pre - Eclamp?? should I be really concerned ??

I also lost 4 kilos !!

HI there

I had high BP from 22 weeks...I was shocked as I felt so good and I had low BP all my life. And so the journey began, 3 times a week I was monitored at the hospital for a full day ( nice chance to rest and catch up on good books and magazines ! ) Baby was fine throughout and eventually at 38 weeks she was delivered by c-section due to me having pre-eclampsia. I am so happy with my obst and they way she monitored me throughout. It is a bit stressful to start with but Im sure you will be fine and your obst is onto it already.....I also had to watch out for signs of swelling and headaches as well as this too is associated with pre-eclampsia.
Take the time to put your feet up and rest, you will need all you can get before baby arrives smile

goodluck !

I have high BP even without pregnancy, so my pregnancies are always high risk because of it. I'm on blood pressure meds & everything, but fortunately last time it was managed really well. I had a spike late in pregnancy, about 37 weeks & had to be monitored, but then it settled again after my meds were increased. This time round, so far I've been ok too (still on meds), but I've had a bit more swelling than normal, so I'm keeping a close eye on it smile
I wouldn't be too concerned - that will only make it worse!! It's great your doctor is aware of it & perfect that he wants to monitor you more closely. High BP on it's own doesn't mean pre-eclampsia. To confirm that diagnosis you'll probably need urine tests for protein, etc also. It's very easily managed these days & although it's something to be kept an eye on, it's really not a huge worry - espeically if you're being monitored closely smile HTH

I've been searching for this topic and other people's experiences with high BP in preg (and before) for a long time but haven't found what I was looking for. I was admitted to hospital because my BP was so high Feb 09 for Fri to Tues and after a long time..finally I'm at the end of my 15th week in pregnancy. It's taken me a while to get here. So yes, my BP was high before pregancy but they have given me the right amount of meds at the moment to stablise my pregnancy (at this stage anyway) and I don't have to go back to the hopsital for a month. I used to hate hospitals (esp in Feb 09!) but I'm there so much now now I kinda like going...that must sound weird!

I'm expecting to have a c section from what I've heard and read as I'm sure that the docs will want the baby out before too much distress can occur. Will it even be full term?? What week would that even be? Would you agree with me? I don't think there would be any othere option for me. I'm also expecting to be hooked up to monitoring machines from the gt go or whatever happenss or a c section haha and I don't want to be...I want to move...I would like a water birth...that's definitely me. smile But whatever is best for the baby...and me, right? smile would be great to hear from anyone else!


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