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Too tired after work... Lock Rss

Hey i am carrying my first baby and im 14 weeks.
I've been overweight all my life but still enjoy a good workout.
I work at a meatworks as a labourer and that means standing on my feet 9hrs a day in the same spot so i am really tired after work, especially now im pregnant. I want to excercise everyday to help with labour when it comes around but after work i am just too tired so i go for a nap. I can barely walk to the mailbox after work let alone go for a 30 min walk.
Any light excercise tips would be greatly appreciated (preferably at home lol)


Hi Ringa

Firstly congratulations on you pregnancy! You have a wonderful journey ahead!

I know exactly how you feel, I constantly felt so depleted of energy with my second baby. It was so hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning let alone get a full days work in! However, I invested in an exercise bike early on in my pregnancy. I used it throughout and still do today! They are low impact so perfect for pregnancy, It helped me a great deal as I could go the pase that best suited me. If I felt I was getting to tired I would hope off and try again later.

Best of luck with your pregnancy
hi there,

i like the bike idea too. but remember, having a standing job is like exercise too. maybe during the work day you could fit in small bursts of exercises to maintian strength...calf raises, squats etc.

in the beginning the hormones are making you very tired, but they say 2nd trimester is the best time for energy so hopefully soon you are not so tired.

it is just as important to rest as it is to exercise, so exercise when you can but rest when you NEED to. how many days per week do you work? what about weekend walks? 2 times a week is better than nothing!!
There are some good dvds that you can buy (or get from the library). I've been occasionally doing a pre-natal yoga one and also one called Preggie Bellies which is a light aerobic workout sitting on a swiss ball (like jogging and star jumps but seated), it's fun and no serious pressure on the joints because of the ball.
thanx for all the advice. i work 5 9hr days a week and usually gardening in the weekends
Hello smile

I'm also pregnant with my first (25 weeks). I work in a office and am actually sitting most of the day - I try to find excuses to get up on my feet regulary throughout the day, and by the time I go home im so tired, but I'm a neat freak and basically from the time I get home until the time I go to bed I am on my feet cleaning, just doing dishes, washing, vaccuming etc it all helps and I feel better about having to sit all day! Any movement is a form of exercise - just do whats comfortable for you smile
Congrats on your first pregnancy!

I know the feeling, although after reading how hard you work I just feel lazy now haha, I am 5.5hrs a day 5 days and at a desk. I am 20 weeks with baby #2 and for my first 14 weeks all I wanted to do in the afternoons after work was NOTHING. It did pass for me though shortly after 14 weeks so hopefully it will for you too.

I have done aquanatal during both pregnancies and it is fantastice exercise for only 30 mins and you don't require a whole lot of energy for it being that the water makes it low impact. I am sure it helped with my first birth too. It sounds like you get quite a bit of movement through the day though so I wouldn't worry to much smile

Good luck grin
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