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soft serve icecream when pregnant Lock Rss

is it a big no no?

Mcflurrys are back in nz today after being off the menu for 7yrs gasp and i really really really want one!!!! Are they allowed during pregnancy???
(god im hoping yes!)
Nope - unfortunately it is on the NOT ALLOWED list

Nope - unfortunately it is on the NOT ALLOWED list

grrr kinda thought so but i just read on this womans FB status who is pregnant that she was having one, made me think my information was maybe wrong lol, dammit
I know, 9 months without McDonalds strawberry sundaes was a real killer for me!! lol

i dont see a problem eating it i have for all 3 of my pregnancys and my kids turned out perfect smile i say if u feel like one go for it i had one last night hehe

they recommend to not eat it because of the posibility it may have Listeria in it. It can be in the soft serve because the machine that dispenses it is not cleaned properly. I did not eat it at all during my first pregnancy, but did during my second as i really craved it. BUT, in saying that, i did not eat it from a My Whippy van that goes around the street or anywhere else except from McDonalds. I know how stringent their hygiene policies are. I had a friend managing the store i went to and she told me they steralise the machine daily. (they should have the same policies world wide.)

I am NOT saying it is ok to eat though, i'm just telling you what I did.

i dont see a problem eating it i have for all 3 of my pregnancys and my kids turned out perfect smile i say if u feel like one go for it i had one last night hehe

Me too, I ate it when pregnant with DS1 and DS2 and they are perfectly healthy.
As a former fast food restaurant employee, I would not trust them to keep that machine (or any fountain drink machine) clean enough for you to eat from. Personal confession: I cleaned the coffee pot with a toilet scrubber for two months before I found out it was the wrong scrubber. They were kept in the same cupboard and the guy who trained me told me to use it. The right one just had a different coloured handle. That isn't even the worst thing that happened there.

Nsw food authority says no...
As someone who was responsible for the cleaning of the softserve/milkshake machine at a fast food chain while working through uni - I wouldn't. I must admit that I don't follow the do not eat list particularly well when pregnant but this is one food that, because of my experience, I definately avoid.

The machine does have a steralisation process that is run every night but, where I worked, the actual machine wasn't cleaned more than once every fortnight (pulling everything apart, scrubbing it down etc would take me at least 2-3 hrs every fortnight). You might actually be able tell when a machine is next due for a full clean - each machine has a lcd screen somewhere on the front that lists the temp of the mix and the date for the next clean - it just depends on how the machine is positioned compared to where you're standing/how good your eyesight is.

Where I worked they had a guideline that the mixes weren't to be topped up the day before it was due to have a cleaning but this was often ignored. I would be told to empty the mixes into huge buckets and store them in the cold room while I cleaned the machine. Once I'd scrubbed down all the parts and put the machine back together I would have to put the mix that I'd removed earlier back into the machine so, if there had been any contamination, it was just going straight back into my clean machine.

Don't get me wrong, I love my sundaes and have them on a semi-regular basis when not pregnant but its one thing that I'm not willing to have when pregnant because of what I know having worked in a fast food store and being directly responsible for the manual cleaning of the machine.

I personally have eaten soft serve with this pregnancy cuz I craved the hot fudge sauce from maccas.
Though please don't take my post as a guideline that it is safe to smile
Ok well i decided to get one anyway i was craving it!! I was soo dissapointed though lol! mcflurrys are nowhere near how good they used to be sad no chocolate sauce just icecream with m&ms and for $3.60 bit of a rip! not impressed maccas!!
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