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Way TMI but need to ask a toilet question... Lock Rss

I've heard heaps of ppl get constipated in the first trimester but I seem to have an opposite problem. Some mornings I go 4 times over a few hours! Has anyone else had this?
haha yes unfortunatly with both... i go from one extreme to another... since you cant take anything for it from chemist i was taught a trick try junket tablets crushed and mixed with water seems to do the trick for me... you can find junket tablets in the dessert isle at supermarket they can also make ice cream lol

hope that helps
yep ive had both extremes already unsure
Yep, I had this in early pregnancy. I stayed clear of the things with lots of fibre in them, I was also taking pregnancy fish oil tablets, and it relived it a bit when I stopped taking them.

I was like that with my first and same thing this time round it's either one or the other no happy medium and causes a lot of discomfort =(
I was constipated for the first trimester, but since then i cannot remember having one normal bowel movement. They have all been super super soft/runny. Its extreamly frustrating. And its more than once a day. Sometimes 3 or 4 before i even go to work in the morning.

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