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flu needle while pregnant Lock Rss

Hi girls, i'm 16 weeks pregnant with my first and work in childcare. I've been advised by my doctor to have the flu vaccine at my next visit, and i know that she wouldn't advise me if there had been reactions from having it in the past but was just wondering if anyone had also had the flu vaccine while pregnant and if everything went ok after it???? just abit worried i guess....
I had the same advice from my doctor because I work in a pharmacy. However, because I am healthy, and I don't have any other risk factors like asthma, I declined to have it. I did hear it was totally safe though, I'm just one of those people that didn't always have the shot even when not pregnant smile
I had the flu needle with both my pregnancies and was fine. They were both just the usual flu needle. I wouldnt have had it with the swine flu included whilst pregnant. When I was pregnant with DD the swine flu shot came out on it's own (this was 2009 so it wasn't combined with the usual flu needle like last year) and my OB said it was completely my choice when it came to having the swine flu needle.
I had the flu jab when pregnant with my daughter, I actually didn't know I was pregnant at the time!! All was well, and when I freaked out about it my doctor told me not to worry and that they often recommend pregnant ladies to have it. I'm a teacher and am shut up in a small room with 150+ snotty students a day (all coughing and sneezing in my general direction blink ) plus I have a history of asthma so I get it most years. Last year I had the jab, and then DH and I both got the swine flu!! It laid DH flat for three weeks, while I felt like death, but was back to normal after 3 days. I wasn't pregnant at the time, but I wonder if it would help to pass immunity on to the baby, as it would be so dangerous for a tiny baby to get that flu. I'm going to get the jab this time round - but on purpose this time! laugh
I didn't do it because there hasn't been enough research on the flu vac while pregnant.

my personal view is that they give you this big long sheet of things to advoid but then want to give you a flu vac.... if you get the flu while pregnant there are no real complications just as when your not pregnant....

I have had the swine flu the year before so I wasn't too bothered by the regular flu....

if there is a big flu outbreak or something you can always change your mind and go and get it then..... just my view on it really
yes it is - although talk to your GP. Most advise having it, especially working in high risk areas, such as childcare.
BTW prevention is better than cure!!!
I had it with DS, and will be having it again this time. I have asthma and work in a high exposure area, when I do get the flu, I get very sick with my asthma, so I would rather have it and reduce the risk

I would never have a flu vaccine, or any other vaccine for that matter, when pregnant.

The flu vaccine is ASSUMED to be safe for pregnant women; just because YOUR Dr may have not had any 'adverse' events following influenza vaccine being administered doesn't mean there aren't any. There are other ways to prevent influenza transmission than just jabbing everyone with needles.

I suggest that you read the package insert of the flu vaccine they want to give BEFORE you have it...I'm not talking about the 1-2 page information sheet they give you but the 15+ page document that outlines what is in it, adverse reactions associated with it and the testing that has been done.

I would never have a flu vaccine, or any other vaccine for that matter, when pregnant.

The flu vaccine is ASSUMED to be safe for pregnant women;

I agree. Assumed is not enough. Not in a million.
I went to my GP in my 2nd trimester as I was heading overseas and was terrified of becoming unwell in a foreign country. My GP recommended the flu vaccine, and thought the safest time to have it was in the 2nd trimester, so I had it and had no problems at all. I also worked in healthcare so I was often exposed to sick people.

In pregnancy you are more susceptible to illness and complications from illness. The swine flu (H1N1) has been known to cause complications particularly in pregnancy. I guess you need all the information and weigh up the facts and risks - I don't doubt that there is a long list of possible side effects from vaccines, but you need to understand how they gather that list (which I found interesting) and how often they occur and how serious they are compared to actually getting the flu. The Dr / nurse are usually an excellent source for this - if not happy with their answers, try another one!

Here is a link to the Ministry of Health website, which has the best evidence-based knowledge we have to date.


As an added bonus - you can pass your immunity on to bubs also. I can't imagine anything worse than a young baby with influenza!

Best of luck with the pregnancy.
i had the flu injection as well as the swine flu injection when pregnant with dd.. iam had no reactions to it (other then be complaining it hurt), and my dd is fine
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