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Is it enough weight gain?? Lock Rss

OMG - i dont know why ladies worry about there weight gain (its a baby not a wedding or something)...

average is 12kgs for the whole pregnancy but everyones different and carry different. my pre weigh was 58kg i weigh now 72kgs so you do the maths!! and people tell me im small and im 31 weeks so it all depends on the person and how they carry..


I am just worried my baby isn't growing as she's supposed to! I don't think it is wrong for me to be concerned for my baby and worried about my weight gain slowing right down! Considering this is the final trimester and I think both me and my baby should be gaining the most at this stage!
Weight wise your gaining the right amount. Im not to sure but 100gm a week is good it's just enough. I gained 30kg with my second gasp you don't want to gain to much weight im still losing the weight i gained.
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