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Raised Veins in your legs? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies

Just wanted to see if anyone else has discovered veins since being pregnant? I have never had them on my ankles / feet but near the groin area. This time one has popped up thigh high at the back of my leg and is quiet raised and carry's on up top.

Not a great confidence booster that's for sure.

varicose veins, not alot you can do. Perhaps seek advice from your gp.
It's probably varicose veins. I have them too! Caused by blood pooling in your veins because of the weight of the main veins in your pelvis and because of extra blood volume in dilated veins. It usually gets better after delivery.
Some tips to deal with them:
* Get some good support tights and put them on in the morning before you get up
* Rest with your feet elevated whenever you can
* Walk briskly to keep the blood flowing in your legs
* If you have to stand for long periods, shift your weight frequently
* Try not to put on too much extra weight

That is from one of my pregnancy books because I researched it myself recently. smile

Might pay to mention it at your next appointment.
I have them pretty bad and the proper pregnancy stockings are working wonders . Not making them disappear but helping with the aching and not getting anymore wink

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