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Weight Gain Lock Rss

I'm 13 weeks and haven't gained any weight at all if anything i've lost a kg or 2 but i have barely been sick still haven't even thrown up yet at this point just occasional quisy feeling and i'm constantly eating something usually pretty healthy though yogurht museli bars and fruit outside of my normal meals

Just wanted to see what other peoples experiences are? is it normal to have lost a little weight when you haven't been sick? huh

Im also 13 weeks. I havent really gained weight either, only my breasts have really increased. I eat really healthy and did not get morning sickness either.
Sounds pretty normal to me smile
With my first I lost 20KGS over the full 40week pregnancy smile

This time round I am now 26weeks and have only gained 1KG smile
Don't worry, bubs is getting all they need from you. Both times I have lost weight in the 1st trimester. I'm 23 weeks now and have only put on 5 kilos.
Oh dear, I am worried now after reading your posts.........

I am nearly 20 weeks and have already put on 7kgs!!!!

Oh dear, I am worried now after reading your posts.........

I am nearly 20 weeks and have already put on 7kgs!!!!

haha don't worry I was the same. But at about 30 weeks I was up to 13ish kg total gain and haven't gained any since then! weird!
I wasnt sick at all during the first 12 weeks, im now 20 weeks and have only put on 3kgs. My boobs are enormous and i do enjoy the odd naughty treat : )

I'd put on about 6kgs with my DD by now!

A few people had commented on the fact that i was smallish, i checked with my midwife and she said eat to your appetite! Im just not as hungry for junk as i was with my first baby.
with my first i put on 30kgs, i was 10kg underweight to begin with tho as the obs told me.. i lost 10kg straight after bub was born and gradually lost the other 10kgs over a year smile

this pregnancy i have put on about 3.5 kgs so far (16 weeks now) but as long as my baby is healthy does it really matter how much weight you do/dont put on?
I've always lost weight in the 1st trimester as I have just not eaten as much as I would normally...but don't worry weight gain came back with vengeance in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters!
:oi put on over 20kgs with this last pregnancy (I stopped counting once I got to 95kg @ 36weeks). By the time baby was 5 weeks old I could finally get my feet into most of my shoes! I dropped 15 kilos from baby and fluid alone. I am now 5kg away from pre pregnancy size. Third bub born 27th july.
My first pregnancy I went from a size 8 (10 A bra) to a 16 (16 DD bra)...once again a lot of fluid.i was under weight and put on about 30 kilos
i couldnt believe my luck when i finally got up the guts to weigh myself the other day. im currently 21 weeks pregnant and since my 10 wk appt ive actually lost weight! i thought i would be the complete opposite, normally i gain weight very easily! i just hope i dont pile it all on at the last minute because as easily as i usually put the weight on i also struggle getting it off!
but so far bubs is growing and measuring as she should smile
I can't believe what I'm reading!!!!! losing weight?? with both mine I put on weight the minute I fell pregnant!!!. my first, I gained 14 kgs all up, 10 of those were in the first 17 weeks until my OB said watch it you're gonna be huge!!! so I started potion controlling and only gained another 4kgs. weight gain was much slower with the second, only 11kgs all up but 8 of those were in the first trimester! I was so hungry I thought I could never stop! but then suddenly i wasn't so hungry and it really slowed down and i barely gained much more the rest of the pregnancy. having a toddler to chase around helped too I guess. funnily I put on more weight after the second baby mowing down chocolate at night for stress relief!!! laugh

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I lost 5 kgs in my first 13 wks. Just from changing my eating habits, much heathier! Now at 23 wks I havent put any of it back on...but seems to all be shifting to belly! I started out over weight though (85kgs) so the midwife is pretty happy with it.

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