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antibiotics every 4 hrs thru an IV...? huh

ive been positive for strep -B in all of my pregs..i just had a single shot of antibiotics when i came into the hospital and they just kept an eye on bub (as they do anyway for the first 24hrs after birth). there was nothing else to it, one needle each labour and my bubs were fine.

as for the going home before 24hrs..well its up to you they came 'make' you stay if you dont want to, but being your first bubba you may find you benifit from staying just that first night, labour is exhausing to say the least and the MW are very helpful with things like BF and checking if you pass clots etc after the birth. just keep an open mind to staying in the hospital for a little while is all im saying smile
I had it with my first (and didn't get tested for it with my second) I'm in NZ and had both my babies at Waitakere Hospital. There you have one dose of antibiotics but the dose has to be given a certain amount of time before the baby is born (I can't remember the exact time but it was something like between 1 and 2 hours before the baby was born). Then they take the baby's temperature regularly after it is born. In saying that, they took DD#2's temp regularly too, so I guess it is pretty standard.
One tip though, is to take probiotics before and afterwards, it helps avoid thrush and helps to develop the bacteria in bubba's guts.
Hi there

I had it with my first and wasn't tested with my 2nd, but they automatically gave me the AB's with both. My 1st I was given one dose and my 2nd given 2 doses. I would rather be safe than sorry, and if it's your 1st child, I'd recommend staying at least 24 hrs to have the professionals check on bub.
I was positive and was told that I had to have IV antibiotics four-hourly during labour. The only problem was, my active labour was only 3hrs so they had to do more testing on me after I had the baby. sad And he got tested too. His CRP levels (I think that's what they were called) started rising and he had a low-grade temp and because I was positive, we got transferred straight to NICU where he got pumped full of IV antibiotics too, just in case he had caught it. The blood cultures came back 48hrs later showing he didn't have it, but it wasn't a nice experience. sad

Babies can go downhill really fast if they catch it so doctor's don't muck around. I highly recommend you stay to make sure and get into hospital as early as possible when it labour, as it greatly reduces the chances of baby catching it when coming down the birthing canal.
I had group b strep, I had my anti biotics through a butterfly cause they couldn't manage a lure, I had one dose only my labour was six hours, and I stayed five days afterwards.
I would recommend staying longer than the 24hrs, I found the first day of BFing really easy, but by day two I was struggling.
Even if you aren't bfing (sorry for assuming you are) its good to have some time to rest afterwards where the nurse and midwives are there to help.
They like to monitor bubs temp regular that first 24hrs.

I also tested positive to Group B Strep so understand how your feeling. I only had 2 lots of antibiotics during labour and my bub was fine. The assistance the midwives give in hospital is invaluable, if your keen to go home ASAP ask if you get any home visits by midwives.
Group B Strep bacteria is transient..which means it comes and goes so you can be positive one week and negative the next or vice versa. This is one of the main reasons that we weren't even offered it with DS1 and we refused the test with DS2. I personally think we should be watching ALL babies for signs of GBS disease, not just ones where we think we know mums status is.

We have independent midwives here who visits you after birth so if I had tested positive and if I had given birth at hospital, and everything with the birth was fine then I would probably gone home ASAP. In the case of DS1, ASAP unfortunately was 2 nights and 3.5 which point I was well and truly over it. laugh DS2 we had at home so how long to stay in hospital was never something we had to seriously consider.

Something else to bear in mind too is that only a very small percentage of babies will have the bacteria transferred to them during the birth and of those an even smaller percentage will go on to develop GBS disease. Antibiotics are also not a guarantee that if baby does come into contact with the bacteria that they won't get sick.

I initally refused the test as i thought i would rather them keep a close eye on my baby anyway and was scared if it was neg that they wouldn't check her as well, i did change my mind and got tested at 38 weeks and was positive. As labour was to fast, i only had 1 IV dose of the antibiotics so not enough as i think you are supposed to have 2 but anyway, it was because of that that they did extra tests on my DD over the next 2 days and found that she developed septisemia (sorry for spelling, blood infection) on the second day so needed anitbiotics for the next 5 days.

I am really glad that i did have the test and stay longer also as we would have found out eventually at home, but it would have been after she started to get really sick where they picked it up straight away at hospital. I know this is not that common but maybe just consider what is an extra day in hospital for you babies health and peace of mind?


i had it with my first and used a douche every 4 hours (i think) lol. It kind of flushes you down there Anyway as annoying as it was i thought it was the better option because it meant i didnt have to have the anti biotics and it meant that i could stay home longer during labour.

I also came home after 4 hours as well. We just had to check bubs temperature at regular intervals and my midwife came out daily and was on call whenever we needed her.

The only thing i can remember that i was really worried about was that once your water breaks you only have 24 hours because of the strep B. I could be remembering wrong though

Hey ladies, I had a swab done a couple of weeks ago and I went to see my midwife today and the results show that I tested positive for Group B Strep. I understand it's a normal bacteria and isn't anything to worry about. I'm actually very worried about having to have antibiotics through an IV every 4 hours during my labour and delivery. So not happy at the moment.. And it's recommended that I stay in the hospital for 24 hours afterwards so nurses can monitor the baby. Not happy about that either, I was looking forward to going home as soon as possible. Have any of you had group b strep and how did it go for you??

Thanks. Have a look at this it is very informative, Hope it helps!

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