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Drinking milk Lock Rss

Hi there, im wondering if anyone could tell me if drinking milk during pregnancy is ok.

Hi there, im wondering if anyone could tell me if drinking milk during pregnancy is ok.

That was my craving!!!!! I would drink at least 1L of milk a day and lots of Milo!!!! My little one is fine :)Great teeth too wink If you are concerned I would recommend that you speak to your Dr.
Crikey i have a hankering every morning for at least 4 glasses of milk, i'm due in 7 weeks and was the same with my first one, if anything it's good for you, your best source of calcium is milk. Good luck with baby
i certainly hope theres nothing wrong with it lol smile we go through 12L a week in my house and most of it s due to me! i was the same in all 3 of my pregs and all my bubs are fine and no problems (like an intollerance) to cows milk, also have nice teeth lol.
Drinking milk is perfectly fine- I craved it with both of my pregnacies, and it helped with my awful heartburn. With my first DS (5)was drinking about 3 litres a day in my last trimester, and with my second DS (7weeks old) it was between 1.5-2 litres! Funny thing is, both of my boys were/ are able to lift their heads really early ( no floppy heads/neck), a few days to a week after they were born, and they both had/have strong legs. My DS2 is 7 weeks and can stand, supported for about 30 seconds. DS1 is small for his age and quite slim, but has amazing strength also. I think it was the milk!
If you are worried, certainly ask your doctor, but I cant see any health problems arising if you didnt have any to start with. Bottoms up, I say smile
I craved it too figure it's your body telling you something. Funny thing is my first is lactose intolerant, other two not. All got good teeth and pretty healthy.
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